The exact causes of Borderline Personality Disorder are distinguished by person, but the effects themselves are similar. Those with the disorder often see the world in black and white, no place in the gray & # 39; area. This means that things may look good or bad, but typically none between extreme points on both sides. As expected, such thinking can lead to impulsive behavior, destructive decisions, and can be a huge factor in completely chaotic relationships. Unfortunately, most of the Borderline Personality Disorders do not find themselves treated, but they can be helped with the right encouragement.

What really causes BPD?

As described above, no one is official & # 39; for Borderline Personality Disorder. Maybe something is deeply rooted in the structure or chemical part of our brain, or unfortunately it comes from the circumstance. Childhood problems, abuse, abandonment, etc. They can all lead to problems with BPD. Some of the problems do not appear in the later stages of life, which can be confusing in the diagnosis. Most importantly, however, we understand the symptoms of BPD, which may vary from case to case.

What symptoms are they looking for?

While everyone reacts differently to BPD, it is important that we understand the symptoms before they get too seriously checked, and that the struggling person can hurt himself or someone else. Some common symptoms:

Feeling loneliness or emptiness
Fear of being alone
Impulsive behavior (especially in relationships, basics, etc.)
Insecure anger
] / Self-Harm

In many cases, these symptoms can lead to a high-risk lifestyle that makes this disorder extremely dangerous for the person concerned and the people around them. Because most people are struggling with BPD to be alone, they jump quickly from relationship to relationship – another example of impulsive behavior and decisions. Not only is this unhealthy, but a person, but someone may easily take advantage of such behavior.

Is there a treatment for bordered personality disorder?

As the symptoms vary from person to person, treatment as well. However, a trained therapist or trainer takes time to learn each symptom and how to act on it to get help when needed. The BPD is certainly manageable and at least manageable after the problems are put into the sun and the struggling person understands what they are doing and why. This can be a terrible situation for everyone, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and there is always hope for those struggling with BPD.

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