When I was a kid and Christmas pieces ran out, it was my job to replace each bulb to find out which one was burned. To enrich our efficiency in work or study, we must first forget what is hampering our development. We must ensure that we are properly hydrated and nourished. A person with only five percent dehydration has a 30 percent long lasting cognitive ability. The proper nutrition types transport the brain to the fuel – glucose. In addition, our immediate environment needs to be taken into account. Temperature, illumination, purity, acoustics and supporting materials. A compelling atmosphere is built into school format, and it discourages those who are less visual or audible than others.

Ninety-five percent of our behavior is automatic. It is driven by the subconscious mind, which introduces faithfully clear guidelines. Like computer programs, these patterns or habits were often created in early childhood and worked flawlessly as long as they changed. This can explain the self-sabotage, the difficulties associated with motivation, discipline, and attitudes.

Whether you are a student or already in the job, you need to gather information in the most effective way possible. In the next moments, suspend your faith with everything you know how to learn. Keep in mind the new concepts.

Some still believe that incoming data (19459006) is the first to get into the mind and then somehow processed so that some eventually reach long-term memory. In fact, the opposite is true. Initially, all data reaches the subconscious for processing. The brain's priority is survival. If no new information is threatened, it will be compared to existing data. If that is not necessary, it will be deleted. The remaining data is sorted and filtered. Some are given to the conscious mind for processing, and some are shipped to long-term memory. All this happens in a lightning fast. The subconscious mind is 800 times the speed of conscious mind.

Why do not people remember the times when they are upset? I'm sure you heard about the body's reaction to the threat. It's called a fight or a flight. This is characterized by rapid breathing and the spread of oxygen from the visceral area into the muscles. In addition, blood is the brain's thinking area ( frontal lobes ) moves to the part of the brain responsible for survival reactions reptilian brain . Under stress we do not just think.

By acquiring information through all our senses The three best ways we learn, see, hear and touch. Most educators do not think that learning through touch and movement is beneficial to the lower grades. In general, school systems can be used for visual and auditory students. Those who are mainstream kinesthetic (touch, movement, experience ) are at a disadvantage. This group represents most of the high school students.

The concept of different learning styles goes far beyond the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic paths. I'm sure you know most people are dominant and have dominant hemispheres. People are also dominant feet, dominant eyes and dominant ears. The wired configuration of a person can show a possible 32 unique learning styles.

Well, the trainers give you instructions on how to learn. They closely ignore the fact that many of their students do not use the same approach. This non-inclusive doctrine can be solved together with a number of simple measures. The use of flip charts instead of demonstration slides is rather kinesthetic. Encourages students to go to the lesson as they progress, not "read" and not listen to the instructor. Flip charts can be placed around the room to use as a review point. These reviews are performed at the beginning of the next class, walking in three groups ( kinesthetic activity ). The small group format increases the possibility that every student discusses points with classmates with different learning styles. This will allow the new conceptions to emerge.

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