Stress management in the family can be a major cause for everyone, including children, to get good nights sleep. With good night's sleep, the kids are better prepared to overcome the challenges during the day and perform better at school. By adding simple strategies at bedtime, kids can fall asleep more easily and they will be replenished and replenished the next day and are ready for the day to create a less stressful family environment.

Blows your worries

to decompress the events of the day. Young children are offered ways to offer some bubbles exploded. Think of the kids to get their bubbles in each bubble and look at how it drifts into the evening sky. Logging older children, baby care, or placing beads or small items in a box or plastic bottle; one is to represent some concerns about a way to voice concerns and put "away" the night. When kids get rid of "weight," they can feel relaxed and are ready to face the next day.

Learning to Relax

At the end of a long day we can all have difficulty stressing the days, having trouble sleeping, having a good rest or focusing on a task. Learning relaxation is a key family stress management skill that all members of the family can get acquainted with. Teaching children how to "let go" is as simple as a wet dough or rag doll. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) moves step by step on the body in every muscle, widening and then relaxing. Let's start by asking your children to make fists and tighten their arms tight like a tall tree trunk, and then release them; imagining leaving it as a leaf that falls from a tree. Follow all parts of the body until the child is completely unbuttoned.

PMR also gives children the opportunity to know where the tension in their body is, enabling them to concentrate on the area. By imparting deep breaths or comforting colors, kids can "blush" the stress of the day, which results in better night-time sleep.

Select Dream

Choose your children for what you want to dream. Help children to create a holy place in their minds, increase rest and better night-time sleep. Create a holy place with your children wherever you go. Ask them to tell you what that is? Who would be with you? What are you eating? The more detailed you ask, the sharper the image, the easier it is to regain the peaceful feelings that are related to the memory. Some children combine more than one memory or contain things they want or create a completely imaginative dream. Encouraging children to have a special place for themselves that gives them peace and comfort gives them the opportunity to feel comfortable and feel safe.

Family stress management is decisive at the time we live. as academically, socially and physically, because of increased media, school and social pressures. If children have a repertoire that faces challenges, increases their self-esteem, promotes creativity, and builds positive relationships with family and friends. By combating sleep strategies strategies for children, you can learn lifelong skills and manage your own stress, which can lead to both parental stress and a more peaceful home life


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