One of the basic human needs is the feeling recognized and accepted by our society. It is very important that you look and feel as if you were a woman to fit and accept. Because deeply, a woman is what you are, even if she is considered a man for many years. In the blink of the eye, most people would have told you who you are and would leave the first impression. Emotional makeup, which consists of your thoughts and emotions, is not visible to the other at the first moment when first impressions are created.

When a person deliberately becomes feminine, it is usually called feminization, while feminisation is a hypnosis tool that dissolves and accelerates the feminine potential. The word can have several meanings. In biology, feminization is described as a natural process that occurs in most animal species. It is known that some fish may become married if there is no female in the group. The feminization process here is for evolutionary purposes. The concept of feminization has become an increasingly popular lifestyle. Man may choose to change from being a man or a woman in a behavioral, physical and emotional way. Feminization is determined by this man's transformation, that the woman feels and acts easily. The man uses female behavior and physical appearance

The basis of female hypnosis is self-esteem, which dramatically affects your appearance. In addition, it is very difficult to achieve full feminisation if you do not build confidence first. The purpose of female hypnosis is to reprogram your subconscious mind that you no longer think of yourself as masculine, but a beautiful, blooming feminine woman, inside and out.

It has been found that it is possible to change a female male and achieve attractive beauty. Through female hypnosis, old man's habits blur until it disappears and new messages leave a female gender identity. All social, mental and physical blocks consume your mind, so it is absolutely vital, energetic and natural. You will slowly see that unwanted male gestures simply disappear, so they will be satisfied with the transexuality.

We all know that the subconscious performs a person's personality and emotional reactions. Both feminine hypnosis and traditional self-hypnosis work by eliminating a conscious and subconscious conflict. However, feminine hypnosis is a step ahead of self-hypnosis. If self-hypnosis is your room, then the relaxation techniques they practice in this room are feminine hypnosis. If traditional hypnosis teaches you positive affirmation, female hypnosis teaches you to overcome your fears so that this positive affirmation works more effectively. Thus, using female hypnosis, your brain can be designed to perform the same operation in a different way. So you will learn a whole new operation.

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