I wanted to save the cost of handling anger. Earlier, I was in counseling the direction of anger, and I highly recommend that you try these techniques that were taught there before a session explodes.

While I'm not discounted, lawyers who can be wonderful can do a lot of work alone and save a lot of money.

What Is Fury

First, we need to understand how angry. Anger in previous times served as a defense tool. When we were attacked, anger energized us to fight. But in modern times, physical violence and even shouting flaunt your eyebrows and cost you a lot. You may have legal consequences, you may lose your job, your lover, your family's support.

However, this does not mean that anger is bad. While anger is bad for you and can be completely overcome, you must recognize that anger is just "bad" if it is unhealthy. The most important thing is to know what's healthy and what's not.

For convenience, I distinguish between two types: repressed anger and fresh anger. As mentioned earlier, many people feel that anger is inappropriate, and ultimately suppress it. Destroyed anger lives under your skin. They can explode at any moment. To cope with such anger, you have to release everything – but in a healthy way.

The most important part of the anger is screaming. You have to give your voice your anger. Whatever you are angry, you have to shout. Find a place where you can be alone or where no one can hear and shout everything. Even if it's just a set of slander, do it!

With your scream, your body wants to do something. If you want to find something, find something "safe". The most important thing is to do it safely – push a pillow and put your mattress down. Make sure no one is injured. Sometimes your body wants to distort something. Hold the towel in this case and screw it in.

Once you've done this (and when you first treat anger, we almost guarantee that we are self-conscious), anger will be released. What happens often is sadness and crying – these are the opposite sides of the same coin of emotions.

Fresh Anger

The second type of anger is "fresh" anger. Working with fresh anger is very different. Do not stop it, but do not let it hang – it can be very wrong.

The best thing to do is clear your mind. If possible, take some time and remove the situation. Why? You have to stop thinking.

Thoughts begin to anger. They can be anything like "How do you do it?" "I can not believe this is happening!" And so anger rises. As anger grows, it affects retrogression, and thoughts are darker and even distorted.

Deleting consciousness stops this vicious cycle on the source and is the best way to feel. Feeling stops your thoughts – it stunning your mind.

What do I feel? Feel everything directly, not through your thoughts filter. How do you feel the air as it passes through your nose in your lungs? How does the T-shirt feel on her skin?

Without thinking that they feed their emotions, anger begins to die and slowly disappears.

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