In order to improve mental health and prevent brain aging, all you have to do is to play day-to-day with brain games; rather make it a regular habit, then start the game you know and then choose a new game, eventually increasing the difficulty level.

Free online games offer different puzzles, exciting games, puzzles, or puzzles that help you move the brain and do not count at all. So you have no excuse. Simple daily activities can of course prepare your brain. For example, connect with things around you, it sharpens your creative skills and helps remind you of memories of the past.

Singing helps guide the right side of the brain while driving, which recognizes recognition better (read this?). To improve concentration, you can try the small irritations in your brain and discover the underlying cause of irritation, which is less stressful or simply notes the list of food lists to improve your memory. These simple methods are free of charge for your brain!

A simple and free brain exercise as cross fence will improve writing, reading, listening, and matching skills. Place your right elbows on your left knee as you lift it up and repeat the process by placing your left elbows on your right knees, right left and left to right, you can exercise it freely while sitting or standing 2-3 minutes. There are other free exercises that are as simple as walking or jogging, but they take great advantage of brain health. Large amounts of water also help the brain, as 90% of our brain is simply water.

Your newspaper can be a great friend; free crossword puzzles, sudoku, puzzles, word search, picture puzzles and hairdressers. These games are completely free brain games that help you to gain resources. And help him with a free workout or workout. Online brain-free games such as Brainwaves, Sharp Brains, Brain Arena and Nintendo DS rental offer a wide range of free brain games that provide good exercise time to your brain.

According to a study, consumption of caffeine in the Middle Ages reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Simple practices such as work-related disturbances focus on a particular activity, automatically boosting memory. Try associating or linking things from your data store, allowing you to remember it for a long time, and arm the memory. All this is easy and free exercises that help your brain stay fresh and active. And do not worry, do not waste your money on so-called expensive brain games because you now know the free solution of a healthy brain.

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