Do I love French love phrases and unique ideas for romance?

I love you in French (it's aime) words that you probably already know. So what other French love expressions can you use (which are a bit original?)

You can try a short and sweet something:

  • amour de ma vie (love in my life)
  • is aime de tout mon coeur (I love you with all my heart) ; or
  • toi, pour toujours (19459005) (to your forever) .

Mon cher (referring to a guy), today chère (referring to a girl): my dear ; there are some very cute like today cocotte (which literally means that my fowl but has been roughly translated darling, honey, or Another charming way to talk to your darling, if you call them mon chou or today puce (a flea) But maybe you're looking for something that gets deeper than this (after all … love can be complicated!) French love quotes and French love poems are a great source of inspiration.

For example, you have got French love quotes from famous writers, movies, or songs.

Take this with roman romantic writer George Sand

39: a bonheur dans la vie, the aim of the aimer et décret

a happiness in life, love and love. Or try the 1940s and 1950s year-old loved Edith Piaf's love songs, such as "La Vi e en Rose "(19459005) through pink glasses

Quand il me prend dans les bras

I speak tout bass

Je vois la vie en rose

When he takes his arms

and talking quietly

French love poems are wonderfully romantic and charming

French love poems find all sorts of French love poems, depending on what mood you want to convey – happy, passionate, flirtatious, longing, regrettable and so on.

Capturing French love poems is a very powerful way to express something. Imagine spending a romantic weekend in Paris, perhaps an anniversary celebration or planning a question. You can whisper words in French or write a romantic letter.

So, where do you find these French love poems? The first place is the Romantic Movement, which began roughly at the end of the 18th century. Some of the finest poets who wrote in this style were Victor Hugo, Charles Baudelaire, François-René de Chateaubriand, Alphonse de Lamartine and Alfred de Musset.

Visit the local foreign language bookstore, books online. You can not! You can embrace your loved ones with beautiful French love expressions, for a moment!

We do the Victor Hugo poem, one of the greatest French romantic poets; with an English translation:

Aimons toujours! Aimons encore!

What amour is about, I'm afraid.

The amour, the cry of the aurore,

The amour is hymne de la nuit.

Fishing boats,

Ce que le vent dit aux vieux months,

Ce que l & # 39; astre dit aux nuages,

C & # 39; est le mot ineffable: Aimons!

The friendly guy, vivre and croire.

The pour pour réchauffer le coeur,

A raionon de plus que la gloire,

Ce ce rayon c'est le bonheur!

Aime! Qu 'on les loue ou les blâme,

Toujours les grand coeurs aimeront:

Connects to jeunesse de lme

A la jeunesse de ton in front!

I love you always! Love me better.

When love has disappeared, hope will free us.

Love is the cry of dawn

Love is the Night Hymn

What the stream tells the shore,

What is the wind to the old mountains,

What the stars say to the clouds,

An ineffable word: Love!

Love is one's thinking, living and believing.

Love warms the heart,

The beam is more than glory

And this ray of happiness!

Love! either praise or blame them

Great hearts always love:

Join the soul of this soul of youth

The Facade Youth

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