"[Love] does not keep records of mistakes" (1 Corinthians 13: 5b NIV).

When we love, we feel wonderful. Do you remember when you were in love? I. It was a creative and growing time. Then I married and started recording. Bad!

In a booklet I wrote, Why Stay, I have proposed ten commands to keep the church untouched:

1. List your spouses just for the good points.

2nd Give your own negative contribution to marriage.

3rd Read the word of God together, if possible. If your spouse does not associate with daily devotions, read and pray privately. Daily reading: 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.

4th Use your creative imagination to see yourself as your spouse. At the moment when a bad thought or image enters, it prays to the Holy Ghost. And be busy!

5th Do not be the last word. May God's Word be the last word for you. If necessary, write a rational and careful note in those times when you can not speak verbally.

6th Forgive God forgive all of us.

7th Thank you very much for God for this person and then thank you.

8th Do not talk about marriage problems with "sympathetic" friends you know marriage is a big mistake. This may be death.

ninth Be grateful for these circumstances, and in this situation you will also be able to gain spiritual development.

10th Make the first step, whatever it takes. You can simply say, "Sorry," or "Please Forgive Me". Sometimes it works!

I'm writing in the booklet about IOU – we're gathering mistakes – we collect and put the drawer and pull it out during stress. Instead of tracking our spouse IOUs, we may try to put our own space in place: IOUs are responsible for a family; IOU, that she loved me enough to ignore my mood; The IOU, that I let myself go without hobbies; IOU to absorb financial burdens; IOU is willing to stay alone at home when I'm hiking; IOU, because she's kind enough to leave me alone when I need that solitude. Do not forget that love loses the pleasures of controversial and ultimately content.

Believe me, the longer we love, the more we live.

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