Binaural punctures are a form of brainwashing that contains good, bad and ugly ingredients that should be considered during the coating process.

existed since 1839, discovered by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove until the early seventies did not become popular with ordinary, ordinary people. Gerald Oster, a researcher, found that two-stroke rhythms, when they were placed in two different voices in the mind, somewhat different locations, each for each ear, and a third just for the brain. The brain, of course, led both hemispheres to the third voice, subtly influencing it. His clinical studies have shown that binaural rhythms can cause the release of many hormones and chemicals, especially those that feel good, affecting a person spiritually, physically, physiologically, biologically and psychologically, in parts other than the mind than the neurological system [19659003] Effective to convert brain to stereo, right and right hemispheres in balance, enhancing brain function

· Improve state of mind

· Can be embedded in music to ease integration

· Creates conscientious, meditative, creative, calm, happy and desirable mental states

· Reduces anxiety and pain

· It can be equivalent to white noise or music

· Creates a dissociative state of consciousness [19659005] · Excellent for alpha, theta and delta brainwave frequencies access

· Easily slows brain waves without the user's conscious effort

· Wi will increase natural alpha waves while enjoying normal life, helping you get closer to the most enjoyable frequency.

· Excellent tool for visualization

· Relieves anxiety and prevents adverse effects from overproduction of stress chemicals

· Helps you go down with the release of melatonin

· May feel good, happy and positive [19659005] · Increases your memory and IQ

· Fantastic help for addiction.

· Activate your psychic center

· Increase mood stabilizing chemicals, such as serotonin levels

· Issues endorphins that are painless and feel good

· Help you reach your subconscious and change programming [19659003] Bad

· It does not even involve higher frequencies than beta and gamma.

· It rarely occurs naturally. Man-made, computer simulated

· It takes a little longer, 8 to 10 minutes compared to Isochronic Tones, which is approx. It takes 6 minutes.

· Passive passive listening does not change your status. is aware. • Your experience is influenced by your willingness and the focus of rest and attention.

· If you have neurological damage in your ear or ear, there may be a problem with a third, immersive sound.

] Some people do not like the feeling of motion produced by binaural rhythms as the brain processes the sound. · Binaural rhythms do not activate thalamus, which means they do not react as far as they cause dissociation and are incredibly relaxing

The ugly

Over time, in repeated recurring sessions, using binaural rhythms, the brain is you can think of a third sound, ignoring the stimuli and having very little effect. Binaural rhythms definitely have their place, and through dissociation they have a fantastic hypnotic and relaxing effect.

Consider whether binaural punches are good or bad or ugly to you personally. People hear and feel differently than binaural rhythms. The most effective brainwave intervention on the market is isocratic sound, and if the binaural rhythms do not seem to work any longer, they go in the right direction.

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