You probably are reading this now because you really change your life in some way. You might end an unwanted habit like an addiction. Or you'd prefer better relationships or be better financially. It is possible that you only want to be happier and happier with yourself and with others. Before you begin the process of improving life, you should map the area. Let's talk about the fundamental principle of change, how to re-program the subconscious mind.

The mind of the subconscious

Ever wondered why it was so difficult to change it? Now, I'm talking about very important changes, such as the loss of weight loss or the bad habit like smoking or disaster recovery that you know what you really want to do. Why is it difficult to do this? Why can not you tell yourself that you will take the necessary measures and continue?

Maybe because he really is not entirely responsible. There may be other forces in your workplace, the forces that are in you, even out of your consciousness. This subconscious mind.

Now this is a huge topic. Here's a short one. The report will be much more detailed later.

Your brain is huge and extremely complicated, more complicated than you would ever understand or even imagine. Here are some things that ignore your awareness:

• Half-autonomous features like walking and running. How do you like to tell yourself how to go step by step? Try a little time to laugh. It must be automatic. Tell your brain where you want to go and take it.

• Autonomic functions such as breathing and digestion. Do you like the task of controlling each of your miriges depending on the function? Sounds like fun?

• Input filtering. Sensory inputs are constantly bombing … sounds, attractions, odors, tangible feelings … too much to get in. Your brain automatically selects a small portion of the materials you submit to show your conscious attention.

• Answer Generation. Each minute you can respond to dozens of situations that require some action. You may be smiling in response to a question or raised eyebrows or an angry reaction … you have an incredibly rich hiding place. Your brain automatically chooses to look the most appropriate, usually without awareness. Sometimes you can change that answer, but you're ready.

Now that you're doing four things right now, as you read this. All of you without being aware of your consciousness. I'm sure there are many more. The point is that this is going to happen now and it will continue. In essence, almost all of your mental and physical activities are performed by an automatic pilot and you are not familiar with it. You think you're responsible.

We are primarily concerned with two subconscious functions; input filtering and response generation. Why? Because these two functions control most of your life, especially happiness, and this is the subject of this report.

Many lives are random. Both positive and negative things come in, especially outside your control. Your brain is filtered out of consciousness, so only a fraction of these events can be recognized. Your bias (the subconscious's operating rules) determines which inputs will reach you and which do not.

Even though your subconscious mind is outside your consciousness and falls outside your control, you may be trained. Time and effort is needed, but it can be done. More on this later. How to change your life.

You read about phonograms that you bring personal happiness. At the end of this article you will find a reference to an introductory record. Please download and listen to some idea of ​​what this powerful method can do for you. There are several other shots that offer you special benefits. You will find them at the end of most of the chapter entitled "Happiness Handbook". Each shot is free. You can listen to them anytime, anytime.

These records increase your sensitivity. Knowing whether or not the consciousness of bad things is coming, so ducks. Much more important is that you are aware of the good things that come to the road to take advantage of it quickly. You will quickly learn to grab the brass ring, which fluctuates throughout the millennium. This is the secret of a good life. You may not be able to check whether the opportunities are coming or not, but the chances of some good things will come in the way sooner or later. You can learn to recognize good things when you hover your way and grab it.

What do you think about the property? Do you realize that you can simply improve your financial situation by just thinking of a few minor changes? But you have to be ready to do it both consciously and subconsciously. More on this later.

The mind of the subconscious

How was this so. And what can you do with it?

We've just talked about your subconscious mind and about how your life works. First, the semi-autonomous functions like walking. You have full autonomy like body processes. Breathing and digestion and the like.

Then we talked about two other subconscious functions … to filter inbound inputs to process them and automate our responses to solve them. These two areas are extremely important. These are two areas of the subconscious mind that determine the level of happiness and satisfaction. They actually define the whole life because they control how they relate to other people. Your relationship with others literally determines the success or failure of your life … these are the most important factors of happiness and success.

There are two aspects of relationships. First, other people perceive. This is your picture. Responses to other people direct the image and other people's perceptions in the image control how they handle you. If you come to an angry and threatening person, they will be avoided and will deal badly with you. If they are friendly and good-natured, they will treat you with them and bring you opportunities. It's so simple.

The second is to perceive other people and the world around you. Some people are convinced that the world is bad and threatening. As a result, they are too sensitive to bad news and are generally negative. They automatically reject the optimistic news and ignore it so their world is always negative. These people unconsciously create the world exactly what they expect.

Other people are convinced that the world is good and that good things are happening to them. These people treat the game as bad news and they almost always find something good about what is happening to them. These people are attracting good luck.

Your inner belief system defines the perception of other people and the world around them and determines how they are displayed to other people in the world. Your inner belief system is one of the most important parts of your subconscious mind. This is the map of the world that you wear with your consciousness. This is your guide and compass, source of information and direction. You do not know it's there, but it always leads.

So where did this inner map come from? It's the end product of your many years of experience on this planet. But building the map was largely done when you were very young, even before giving birth.

The first task at birth was survival. You were totally helpless, full of adult caregivers who were somehow irrational. We all know. The difference is mainly in the style and extent of irrationality. So she was forced to accommodate a family with her own irrational style, which she learned very young and so on. You literally inherited the behavior and beliefs of your family so they could contact them to predict their behavior and not to be in trouble with them.

He worked, did not he? You live today. You survived the infant and childhood. And you have an inner belief system and a subconscious mind you developed in your youth so that you can handle a longstanding situation. But it still works exactly the same way it was when it was little. And it's about this report … how to change your belief system and your subconscious mind. You are about to learn how to change your belief system to the right, literally, re-program your subconscious minds for happiness. So here's the first idea … the process begins with consciousness. Before you change something, you need to know it. So start with the idea of ​​being aware of the subconscious mind. There are several ways to know this.

The subconscious mind … How did this journey

We talked about your subconscious mind and how your life is literally running. In short you think that you are responsible for what you are doing, you say it and you think it, but it's not really the way things are. It's the way you want things. The truth is that most of the time the automated pilot operates, without knowing why you are doing what you are doing, you say what you say, feeling that you feel and experience the world as you do it.

How many times did you say to yourself, "How could I say that or did I do it?" "What did I think?"

How many times did you drive miles and miles to the motorway just to figure out you did not remember the last five miles, just thinking about other things?

Have you ever looked at the person you live with and noticed how much they resemble one of your parents, even though he did not know when he met them and fell in love?

When was the last time you wanted to change a really bad habit like smoking or over-consumption?

This is the consciousness of consciousness in the work. Well under the level of consciousness. You enjoy your life without knowing it.

So where did your subconscious mind come from? From a whole lifetime experience, but mostly from early experience, if we have to make a poor life plan and when it is very easy to acquire new knowledge and habits. Back before you were two years old before you read it and write it before you were born. Pre-natal embryos perceive what is happening. Play the maternal womb often and the newborn responds to it after birth.

What is the subconscious mind? Your experiences? Keep in mind that you are very young and very helpless, and your job is to survive. You learn this quickly in the psychological and social environment, who is responsible, how to like them, how to care and feed what you need. You learn how to work on idiosyncratic views and expectations, just to get there.

If you are lucky enough to be in a family with close and intimate relationships, you can quickly learn how to relate emotionally. If you are unlucky to be born into a family that is struggling with a lot of anger, you will quickly learn to be protected and unhappy. So it fits into the existing environment. Unfortunately, learning will remain with you for the rest of your life unless you do something.

Future relationships are based on juvenile relationships. Indeed; how your parents and other carers treated you and how they treated each other. This experienced and observed behavior quickly became your norms. All other behaviors were abnormal and uncomfortable.

My family was very crazy. They always fought each other, usually with minority sacrifices and betrayal. They did as though they were loving and loving, but they did not. There is no cheating on a kid. I grew up to feel at home with the ugly.

One day when I was around four I made sales of lemonade with the children of an adjoining family. The mother and the father loved their kids really and warmly. I was with them on the first lawn, and I was so uncomfortable that I could not bear it and had to go. The experience of true warmth and love was so far from my expectation. My personal experience was just sniffing and hostility. I could not tolerate good treatment.

You put all your attitudes and your basic views when you are very small. How do you feel about rich people now? How did your parents feel and what did they say? About doctors and lawyers? About the government, about people in other countries? Do you feel safe inside your skin or is it threatened in many ways?

Understanding Mind – How It Began

Imagine yourself a long time ago long ago before you were born. You're in your mother, you're just turning it into a man. Somewhere along the line you begin to develop a mind, an intellect that will eventually become your brain. But now it's very primitive. Still very sensitive.

There is more to you than becoming a human being and experiencing all that is coming. It absorbs the emotions of your mother who are chemically and psychologically mediated. You literally have it. He experiences his pleasures and fears, his anxieties and his love. You can not help … you're part of it.

Later, about a month before you were born, you will be sensitive to some of the world outside of your mother. If your parents play a tune for you, it becomes part of your memory and recognizes it after you are born. You are vaguely perceiving other parts of the "world".

Your birth experience, unless you're very lucky, is pretty traumatic to be scared of hell. The sudden transition from full darkness to brilliant light, from temperature-controlled ace to cool cold, from relative silence to falling noise. It is a miracle that any of us will survive the birth experience.

So where are you now, after birth? Probably in a crib, perhaps very curious about the new environment, there is no language and very limited intellect. But you know what happens at the emotional level and are extremely sensitive to everything in your environment. You already have personality. Newborns can be evaluated whether they are silent or aggressive, curious or passive, and so on. Many years later their adult personalities carry the same qualities.

You have time to go home with your parents. Your owner, your mentor, your god. Instinctively, you know that you owe your life to these people … without you you can not survive. So you have to integrate fully into the mini home society in the home. In order to ensure your survival. You have to find out how to predict your parents. responses to your business, how they respond to different situations, and how to expect them to act to help them.

It is now absolutely possible that your parents are wonderful, providing young people who serve as an expert in nursing and feeding young infants and how to become fully functional and happy adults. Do you want to bet on this? Most of the people I know in this world, including myself, are somewhat limited. There are many areas where we do not work as well as we can. (We are dear.) Adults tend to be rigid, irrational, full of superstition, angry, frustrated, unpredictable to our responses, or completely and very hardly predictable and very limited. This has something to do with the method we brought up as we developed our minds at the very early beginning of life. Just like you.

So what you are doing, you take on as a newborn all the cravings of the family you were born into. You personally experience how they deal with you, with all intonation and with all minority communication. You know they love you or just say they do it. You know you're really happy to have the "accident" result best.

You personally experience how they treat each other. Not what they say but what they actually do. You can not be fooled. You still do not know the language, but you are sure that you are familiar with the voices of voice, body language, and minority psychic emanations. You're a psychic little creature. You have to have a "world view" of how people relate to each other, parents and each other as well as to other important people around them.

This will be your subconscious mind, the map of the world that you wear without knowing it. All your life unless you decide to do something. What this report deals with. In a later section, we are talking about quickly getting your subconscious mind yourself, so it's invisible and out of your consciousness. Good stuff!

What is the subconscious mind?

Imagine your subconscious as a huge asset collection. Here are a few:

Map Tool
This is a guide to your world, especially how one thing is associated with the other. Like love = joy, intimate = danger, relative = good man, and so on. Associations are often incompatible with each other. These associations are based on experience in your life and return to birth.

Input Filter
You are constantly bombarding sensor inputs. Sights, sounds, tactile feelings, flavors, smells and psychic consciousness. In any case, we can not process these inputs. You would be crazy. Its internal theory is a very fast and intuitive computer. It is through all inputs and selects a small part for conscious consideration. Only those inputs that are within your experience are just those inputs that avoid mental pain, only those inputs that have survival significance and so on.

Outbound Selector
You are continually obliged to respond to people and emerging situations. Someone smiles and smiles instinctively. Where is this instinctive answer? From the subconscious. You do not say to yourself, "that person just smiled at me, so I'm going to smile." Just do it automatically. Almost all of the responses are completely automatic. You know them with some time, but of course not always.

Decision Maker
You've always asked for a decision like buying a car or a house, marrying or investing. Most of your choices are small compared to what you are watching tonight. But it always makes choices, and most of them are not on a logical basis. The "intestinal feeling" is controlled by internal sensations. Where do these "intestinal feelings" come from? From the unconscious, of course.

Other features include language, both written and spoken, image processing, memory, and so on. There are hundreds of features.

Imagine for a moment all the experiences of your life, each of them a separate entity, swim in the subconscious ocean. Link and terminate, associate, and communicate. All of them are available, but without awareness. Then the internal speaker will turn on, describe the problem and get an answer. Intuitive and emotional. You receive this information and act on it.

I like to think logical and organized. Sometimes we are. But most emotions lead us. It's just fine, as long as our emotions are in good shape. Not so good if we're in emotional trouble and blocking it like an unwanted success. More on this later.

How does my consciousness communicate with me?

How do you know if something bad for you? Are you in a "uncomfortable" situation? It's simple … because you're uncomfortable. The subconscious mind sends unpleasant signals. How do you do this? Through your nervous system. The consciousness of consciousness causes the inconvenience, and it is very good in this.

Discomforts different from different personalities. Some people may have muscle tension, others stomach pain, others feel sharp near the heart. Some people feel uneasy as something confusing. It varies from time to time, as well as circumstances, depending on the circumstances. But it's definitely there. The subconscious mind allows you to know when you are in a dangerous area. You just have to be aware of the unpleasant feelings.

This is your subconscious now, what's in it and how it communicates with you. Warning … all this is a huge over-simplification. Things are actually much more complex, but this explanation is pretty good.

Thank you for reading so far. This shows that you have a strong interest in improving your life. The purpose of this report is to provide you with a way to significantly improve your well-being. I hope you can take advantage of the principles of learning.

The subconscious's theory disappears by itself

It is a powerful speculation that the subconscious's idea is quite fresh. Or rather the idea of ​​having two minds, one reliably familiar, the other being most unfamiliar.

About 5000 years ago, our ancestors spoke with God constantly enough. They exist in the world of magic and magic and have accepted it. It appears that our brain and other higher brain functions have only temporarily developed.

It does not seem to disrupt the conscious part of our consciousness until they almost grow up, perhaps up to ten years of age. Until then, our thinking is almost completely concrete. We can deal with details that can be affected or seen, but not with abstract concepts. There is no critical facility that strongly separates the fantasy from reality.

85% of children under the age of 10 can be deeply hypnotized. You can easily accept proposals for the deep transference. Only 15% of adults can be deeply hypnotized. That is why there is a fractional hypnotist that needs to be so selective. He carefully monitors his audience to find those who are suspicious.

What's Happening? Developing a critical opportunity in our growing mind, separating reality from fantasy. As soon as this happens, we are inclined to lose our relationship with all "unrealistic" aspects of our inner mind. But some do not. We keep our contact with the "magic" part of our consciousness.

The subconscious mind is very flexible and very open to suggestions. At one time or another, we all saw that a stage hypnotist tells the subject that they do not remember their own name. And they did not know! Try as hard as they wanted, but they could not pick up their name.

It's the same as your whole subconscious mind when you're developing a critical tool. Terra will be incognita where it will never go. You do not even know it exists.

Here's the order. First you develop your subconscious, while you are very young. It is five years before reaching all content. This is when you have the most sensitivity and when you gather the most information.

Somewhere at age 10 you have developed your ability to break the fantasy from reality. Maybe a lot earlier. Santa Claus and Easter bunny have long been a fantasy. You now understand that adults are really working and manipulating them. You no longer believe in magic or ghosts or other "supernatural" phenomena, especially in spells that run inside the fetus. Your subconscious mind was basically finished, crashed underground and locked yourself. That was when you were still very hypnotized when you were one of 85% of the children who could easily penetrate the deep trance. The subconscious mind is basically completed (with the exception of minor modifications later), created a door to close itself, close the door and then magically disguise the door so that it can not find it and does not even know it.

You are growing up now and you can not get into the unknown part of your mind. In fact, if there was no such report, you would not even know it. So how do you know she's there? Here is some evidence.


Surely you will not dream of your consciousness. Dreams are the way your subconscious mind communicates with you in a subconscious way. Do you want to enter the inner world of your mind? Start a dream interpretation. Sigmund Freud said that "dreams are the royal road to the subconscious". Want to know more about your dreams and how do you use them to improve your life? Make an internet search. You will get plenty of information.

Irrational Actions

When did you last say to yourself, "How could I have said that?" Not the devil was on his shoulder. Your inner mind was kicked. It does this from time to time.

Memory Lapse

How many times did you drive on the highway just to recognize that you have no memory of the past five miles? Who drove? How many times did anyone see for a long time and did not remember his name, then suddenly remembered 10 minutes later? What's going on over that time? A little subconscious processing?

Deja Vu

Is there … you know you were in front of him or you saw him, but you do not remember. Yeah, you're right, but your memory disappears in the subconscious, and it just kicks you out to spoil yourself.

You Like It or Do not Like It

If you're like most people, you often respond to someone you meet first. Absolutely logical, does not justify the explanation. Still, it is very strong and usually quite accurate. Where does it come from? Your inner mind, with its vast experiential and comparative stock, makes it easy to distinguish all kinds of observers on the new person as well as every association of the past. Then you send a comfortable signal or an uncomfortable signal to you.

Your Advice

Now that you live with life, you know the things that were totally blurred when you first met. Just as your relationship resembles our relationships with whom he grew up. And how similar their behavior was to someone who was very important to you. But you were not aware of this while you were "in love" or anything else. How did it happen? He is indifferent to his subconscious mind, looking pale in friends. It happens. This is one of the main functions of the subconscious mind … to have a familiar area.

Now you have some understanding of your subconscious mind and where it comes from. He has an idea of ​​how he is hiding and is hiding now. You know what it's all about. What's next? How to handle it? This is the next step.

Undercover Mind – How You Can Change Your Life

This is the lower part of the meaning of the subconscious mind. You know where it is (somewhere in your head is not yet available). You also know that you are running a large part of your life. Like you react to what you see and who you are. Your personality is under the control of the subconscious mind.

Now this is a strong advantage. This means that they are consistently present with the outside world that others are expecting and wanting. If you want some real problems to start from different behaviors, start diverging from your usual behavior. You will not miss excitement. You get some strange reactions from your friends and relatives.

This is also a powerful advantage in other ways … you do not have to think how you react. Your reactions are automatic and consistent. Again other people are comfortable with this.

The only difficulty is when we really change a behavioral mode. But somehow you do not know. Why not?

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