We are often faced with statements, actions, arguments, behaviors, etc. Which are extremely mocking. Whether it is road rage, annoying staff, or a healthy teenager, this is an unlucky but safe bet that you will be angry several times a week. So how do you handle it when you face provocation that would make the Buddha angry?

first Keep your attention to motivation behind the provocation. Is the person who angry you that you are deliberately doing it, or a by-product of words or behavior that you probably think is perfectly appropriate? If this is the first, do not give him his satisfaction knowing that he succeeded. If it is the latter, consider whether the appearance of annoyance prevents behavior or simply lets your opponent know that he or she is in a soft spot.

2nd breathe. This is great advice in every situation, but it is particularly favorable to anger. may react that reflects or responds to knee-jerk feedback feedback which refers to feedback that breaks through the break and analysis / reflection to choose the best method to deal with provocation. It is much better to respond than to react. There is no reason why you can not listen to a few seconds (which may end up with you and your opponent) as you go through your options.

3rd Talking Softly Most of us tend to raise our voices when we talk with anger. That's why it disarms the opposite and talks quietly. The effect seems reasonable and controlled (especially if your opponent is ranting and crazy and seems to have no control) and forcing your opponent to pay close attention to listening to what to say. In Japanese culture, when two parties argue, they will first lose their voice. It is very difficult to learn from many of us, but if you can talk quietly despite the provocation, you will be much more likely to stand up against your anger.

4th Vent. Express your anger on a forum that does not pose a risk to your discovery. Writing can be useful, but especially if you send an angry reply to an email, make sure you do not accidentally send it.

5th Exercise. This is the ventilation. If feasible, it is a great idea to get up and walk away from marinas in a situation that is poisonous.

6th Selective Liberation of Anger Sometimes it is imperative to express the anger of the person whose behavior it caused. But consider the consequences of such expression. Are you interrupting a connection? Will Earth Stop? Because of your expressed anger, does a man react in ways that cause more trouble? And when they decide to show anger, consider these words only, but continue to speak in a low, even tone. This strengthens the weight of his words.

And despite the best efforts of these tactics, sometimes we all lose our cruelty. Especially during frustration and stress it is easy to let it slip. When that happens, do not be afraid to look away and admit it is human.

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