Q. I recently went to a frenzied seminar in my office. Most of them have been about the theory of rage, and where they come from, without the many things that are related to anger. is a quick list of things to be angry?

A. Of course. Here's a short list about what you can do instead of being angry. This gives you a choice and the choice is what you need.

  • Pause and ask "is it really worth being angry?"
  • Keep in mind that anger is a normal human emotion. Anger is not the problem, but our anger, which makes the difference.
  • What you do in your anger is always a choice, which means you can take control of it and make better choices.
  • Find someone to talk to him. What we are not talking about, we do.
  • Anger is a secondary emotion, which means we feel something different before anger. Something else is usually frustration, pain, or fear. Insist on what you really feel and cut off or bypass the anger.
  • Practice
  • – emptying the angry energy can release and release the anger.

  • Counting 10. If necessary, keep counting.

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