How could it be that bad enough to feed only 5000 people, five small breads and two small fish?

There are times when people just have to say to sit down.

Jesus Christ returns from Jerusalem and a great crowd follows him on the north coast of the Galilee Sea. They knew that "the water in the windmill" had returned to the city.

He realized they were traveling far and tired and probably hungry.

Jesus teaches Philip's disciple and asks where to buy bread for everyone and is content, though Jesus knew what he would do.

He's worried about people because I care. I still care.

Philip calculates pessimism. We do not have enough money for this huge number.

Andrew mentions in a dispatch that there is a boy with five small barley coils and two small fishes, but that's not so much.

Barley bread is the bread of the poorer – wheat bread for those who can make themselves.

Jesus instructs people to sit down. He bought the bread and the fish, thanked him, and began to break it, spreading what he had created for the people.

The Creator created and continued until he was nourished, filled and satisfied,.

Never evaluate the difficulties in the light of your own limited resources.

This miracle appears in all four gospels and this is of significance. [19] Jesus Christ wants no one to remain free, empty or dissatisfied.

John calls this miracle, a sign indicating that Jesus is. His credible signature will sign what he says and does.

His badges are revealed to those who need to see their eyes because of their strong creative concern.

If people refuse to sit obediently, Jesus took what they had given him and created enough to nourish those who traveled to meet and hear.

When the disciples gathered the crumbs, it seemed initially. Jesus Christ does not like waste, whether it is food, resources, money or time.

Did you think when the disciples spent twelve baskets? Did these people look at each other, astonished?

Everyone seemed to know that it was a miracle and they assumed that he was the prophet who came. They had been waiting for a thousand years for this man to appear. Jesus heard the suggestions to make him a king and to act with power.

These people were "nationalists" on the land ruled by Rome, and the Shepherd approached.

If somebody has a man who can feed you without putting your hand in his pocket and healing your body when you're sick, why do not you do a king?

Imagine what happened in your mind – liberated from Rome, free food for life, and a wonderful GP on the threshold?

Her royal throne is King Herod – this will be our new King

excited about Jesus – a socialist Jesus, a capitalist Jesus, a Revolutionary Jesus, a Jesus "Santa Claus" type of Jesus nourishing and healing.

He not only gives bread. He is the bread, and very few have seen this, and within a few hours many have left him.

Here is a king who would not be king.

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