Metaphors have always been there and stretched out to help me – even if they did not notice it or when I tried to drive them away. And now when I open the call, I'll visit them everywhere. Every challenge, every pain, place of all beauty. Every day they are here for us, every moment.

The poetry of life, waiting to embrace our eternal loving guidance. One day, many years ago, when I realized what was inside me and I was begging. In August it was a hot day, and as I listened to the spiky foal of trees, it fell, swung to my right. Nice package of metaphors, this was the answer to the questions I asked for more than 15 years. Finally, I knew without doubt why he died again and again.

My heart, my body, my enthusiastic inner children were together, creating the poems that bring you back to health. I'm asking you to open my heart. I'll show you where he stopped. He painted the picture I needed to finally wake up from my pain. It turned out that every symptom, each autoimmune disease, each heart operation, was the same piece of puzzle. When I saw them together, they revealed the divine map that I had to cure from the trauma of many years before I lost my sister to suicide. In my work with my clients, metaphors appear everywhere. They look like a client like the restriction or the pain of the throat who are afraid of the truth. Or so close to the shoulders as someone who feels as if she is carrying the world on her shoulders. Sensitive digestion is often a sign of deep sensitivity and can not digest all the world's concerns.

Although these metaphors are sometimes obvious, it's not that simple.

The meaning patterns are abundant and unique to each of us. Next comes after the first glimpse of the metaphor. What lies beneath it? What guidance should we follow? What pain do they ask for love and liberation?

Both EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting are the perfect tool for my clients to help discover hidden metaphors within their pains. As we lay down the layers carefully, the pain is released and the messages are discovered. Wisdom arises, which results in even more profound healing.

The way I see it, this can come back to a love. The metaphors inside us, the metaphors around us, invite us to love ourselves better. To forgive, let go and open the love around us. Simple and deep love poems, ready and expected to read.

In Love and Courage


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