Infant brain development knowledge can really help parents and caregivers learn how to help their child.

To get a smart baby, parents need to learn about baby's brain development and what they can do to cure the process.

Infant brain development is so complex that many areas and nerve system relationships must work together for all activities. Brain activity in the child's brain differs from adult cerebral brain activity. Maturity and experience are preparing new and different tasks over time.

The infant's cerebral development is partly due to the density of synapse formation and partly from the Myelination process. Myelin is a fatty substance in the brain that typically involves messenger axons to quickly transmit messages around the brain in affected areas. Myelin develops in the brain before birth, twenty to thirty years.

The extent of myelination is mainly determined by nature and does not seem to be able to accelerate the formation of myelin.

Some people think that essential fatty acids from our diet may affect the amount of myelin.

Myelin formation begins at the top of the spine and moves toward higher, more complex brain structures while running in the spinal cord.

WHO can we encourage and when?

There is a fine line between the right hold and the overpressure. Parents and caregivers can stimulate child brain development when cellular networks are ready, but many aspects of brain development can not be rush.

Most people have at least heard or said they might be harmed by the premature exploitation or coercion of skills, but not everyone knows why.

If skills are forced by intensive education too early, this may result in immature, inadequate neural networks for the child and distort the natural growth process. Accelerating learning over the unfinished neuronal systems can adversely affect long-term learning.

My suggestion is to encourage learning, but never to force it, keeping baby's "readiness" for new skills. We have to offer a host of interesting, curiosity-inspiring objects and experiences, are able to offer new learning opportunities and allow the brain to make the necessary connections.

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