You always think about the ex and you want to get them back because you can never get them out of your mind. Now, think about it for a minute, all you think is the ex?

What if there is a way for the ex to think about you, just like that? Well, there is, and all you have to do is use some subconscious psychological tricks to think the ex think about you. Read it to find out how to recover your ex.

Subliminal Messaging

Subconscious messaging is an easy way for the ex to consciously think about you. The subconscious is NOT guided by the ex and is actually part of the consciousness that it has no control. But this can affect the right techniques, and if something goes into the subconscious, you will always walk around and feel that you feel a certain emotion.

That's why you feel in love and very happy for a long time, and the same reason you can ever be depressed. These thoughts float, then interpret your actions and emotions. Similarly, you want the ex to start to feel and miss you.

The First Step – The first way to think the ex is to think about you all the time that it seems to have moved on. If you do this, the ex will immediately think that you have forgotten them. This unconsciously sends out the message of his ex and the feeling of leaving and the fear of loss. The ex party is about to lose and it starts to go around in the ex head.

The second step – If the ex believes that you are dating again, you will feel the old feelings again. The ex was once and you two were each other. There were no other people, but if the ex believes that they are with other people, then suddenly they think they are coming back.

You see, a chain reaction begins as soon as you know that you're meeting again because the ex will feel jealous and envious of it. The reason is that you've been hooked up earlier than your bonus, and with the fear of loss, the ex can not help but long to think.

is dating again, all you have to do is simply send the ex a fake text and it looks like someone else would say.

What Happens Now

These thoughts will become action as the ex tries to exclude them. In order to exclude your feelings from the former member, your mind tells him to ask for answers and attention again. It's just natural human nature when someone requires their approval if we think that norms are higher than ours.

We learn this very early, for example, in childhood where our parents accept, teachers and friends. Likewise, if we feel that they are not accepted, we will act like children who are jealous of their brothers when a parent praises one or takes care of another than the other.

This works the ex where he wants to re-approve and is jealous to meet you again. Finally, the ex tries to recapture, as these messages and feelings surround and exacerbate the ex, so that the only way to be satisfied is to return it.

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