Every marriage has a time when stress is reciprocated. Whether issues involve money, children, or household tasks, this does not really matter. After a while, it seems as if you are just what you want to justify, even things that do not really matter. But do not worry; Things can be better if you really want them. All you have to do is learn how to deal with yourself or your spouse's anger and insist on a method that works.

Some ways to help you and your spouse deal with anger during an argument:

Listen to your partners. It is natural to return the offensive or accusing comments when someone attacks your character. But if you do this, it does not improve the situation, it only gets worse. Try not to dirty games to say things that give back your spouse. Wait until they yell and try to lead the argument in a more relaxed direction.

Learn to take responsibility for your anger. It is possible that he unconsciously provoked anger. Think carefully of everything you said or did to put them down. If you can avoid something, you might try to avoid future behavior for marriage.

Validate your spouse's feelings of anger. You will not solve anything if you do not feel your emotions useless or stupid. People can not help in feeling themselves and say that they do not "feel" a certain way, but they only feed more anger. It is best not to judge your spouse's feelings and feelings.

Call a "time". Use with our children because it works. Why not use it with our spouse? If you feel that the argument is overwhelmed under control, move back and let your spouse know that you are not going to continue this conversation if they can not control the anger. Take a "time" and continue the conversation later when both are relaxed and think rationally.

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