Practice is perfect for almost any discipline as the most important motive for coaches; such a statement is rather a process of the mind that is a wise slogan.

Other versions of the same statement are redundant in everyday practice, for example, "by learning". To keep such a rationality, think of what magnitude incidents in our lives have remained lively, as if they were just yesterday. Here we are, facing the rotating nature of our minds, responding, reacting and nourishing what you knowingly or not.

Listening to a television, listening to tube, or listening to a show is one of the few activities that apply to the full reception of our consciousness. In other words, just tell me, continue this test and you will be surprised at how many different answers you get from your close friend you thought you could read about your reading habits! People read differently, and the majority has to read several times to "get it", many have to read more and later have to go back to the point trying to better understand the meaning after having been subjected to other sequential reality. the real life that is connected to the reading experience. In French literature, among the few who have named Marcel Prost (named Graham Greene as the 20th century's greatest novelist), who had previously lived his life science experience throughout his life through the famous bestseller "A la recherche du temps perdu". Such personal differences are not very well known because most of us are critical of the significance of being suspicious of their own thinking and therefore we are afraid of sharing the personality of intimacy.

Indeed, we are reading, learning and understanding an association. Naturally, our mind connects events and events that take place in a heuristic fashion. Depending on how early childhood events such as these have been built up, they mostly want personal experience, mostly through reading, and then offer better understanding and correctness and relevance.

The above mechanic is the reason why it is important to check and examine whether media programs are tailor-made and thus target children and children at the stage of their mental development, while adult-designed first class experience for this age group

Reading the most settings requires concentration, focus, and interest. Here you can tell how beneficial it is to cultivate such occurrences in a child: concentration, focus, and interest.

It is no exaggeration to say that today's children will be the intellectual aspects of our time as they grow and meet the views and cultures that are today's impressions and online productions. There must be a certain execution order to read on the screen and on the evidence of the doctrine and the type of conviction, that is, the culture that is to be included in the children's reading program (after books, school programs, reading-oriented educational activities).

For reasons of common sense, there can be no hope in a peaceful society if intellectual production continues to be motivated by the spread of divisions, discrimination and racism.


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