Artistic and inspirational wallpapers are one of the most recent trends in wall decoration. You can add everything from clever words, family values, inspiration, and feelings to the room. They are usually made of vinyl, so they are easy to apply and even easier to remove.

Application of vinyl wall quotation marks:

1. If quotes are created, align them with setting up heavy books (without the need for hardcover books).

2nd The stickers have a white or transparent ribbon cover at the front and a white back cover on the back. Use the squeegee to tighten the tape cover tightly to keep the tape firm on the tape.

3rd Wipe the surface of the wall with a cloth to be clean and dry.

4th Order words and phrases according to your design, then tap the corners of each word with a masking tape to hold it in place. You should use a long ruler and level to make sure the stickers are OK. Set and rewind the words until straight.

5th Stick the top of each word over the entire length of the sticker, then rotate the letters upwards with the ribbon as the hinge. Peel off the back cover and carefully put the word back in order to avoid wrinkles. Do this only when you are ready to use the sticker.

6th Using the squeegee, tighten firmly on the sticker until all the letters are properly inserted. Remove the masking tape, then loosely pull the clear ribbon cover and pull it back toward the wall. If a part of a leaf retracts as you drag, pull the tape back and rub it on the spot, then resume the peeling. Repeat the last two steps for each word.

Make sure your walls are clean and do not apply stickers to a freshly painted wall. Vinyl will not fit properly, so if you just paint it, leave the paint for about three weeks before attaching the stickers.

So how do you remove the wallpapers?

first Pull up the corner of each word with your nail or tweezers and gently pull the letters down.

2nd If quotation marks last for a long time, stickers with a thin layer of mayonnaise may soften the adhesive. Leave it for a few minutes, then wipe it off and try to peel the stickers again.

3rd For wooden-coated walls, use a tumble dryer with a low setting and run the stickers for a few minutes to clear the adhesive and remove the stickers. If left left on the wall, clean the surface with a cloth worn in tiny lubrication oil until the adhesive comes off. Do not use sharp objects when removing the wood as this may scratch the surface.

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