I hate being exploited by people and I hate having people fall victim to the choice of a bad lawyer. Perhaps these are two reasons I have become a lawyer to do something in such situations. I've seen clients whose lawyers have been neglected not only for weeks, but for years. I heard complaints from lawyers who did not tell the client what was happening to their affairs, but they billed the customer when the customer called me to ask what was happening. I've heard complaints about lawyers who made money from clients without being aware of their expectations.

I hate to clean up a mess made by another lawyer. It is much easier to help customers and avoid potential problems than repairing a bad lawyer's choice. I saw poorly formulated marriage arrangements and separation agreements. I had to go to the repair and finish the canceled destruction. I had to go in to fix and finish the divorce.

One of the women's stories is especially oh. In the office, the so-called "Can of nine-year divorce". He offered a lawyer to defend divorce here in Virginia and sue for divorce. At that time, he lived in the state and paid a lawyer a large lawyer. There is no written contract. The lawyer he chose seemed to be afraid of the opposition lawyer and did not do anything to forward the case. In fact, the lawyer allowed the case to be dismissed from the court document for failure to act.

Cases are not refused on this basis without prior notification of the record. The lawyer did not notify his client of potential dismissal. Only until the court informed the divorce to know what had happened. The client was in a car accident, resulting in hospitalization and several surgeries. He trusted the lawyer to pay attention to his interests; he did not know and did not understand what had happened, and he did not know until he was informed by the court that the case had been dismissed.

When the client contacted the lawyer, he resumed the case. However, this was not until the opposition lawyer retired from the case that the lawyer had presented his client's interests. Meanwhile, the lawyer allowed the woman's husband to flee, running the court case law, most of the financial instruments. The lawyer has received the spouse's support but has not done anything effective to collect or enforce the spouse's support mandate for the defective one who does not pay.

In fact, the lawyer has accumulated tens of thousands of dollars in delay. Meanwhile, the lawyer asked and received a $ 10,000 attorney's fee from the missing husband. When the lawyer realized that the husband had spent the money and the lawyer's fee could not easily be collected, he began to demand the customers' money. As disabled people did not receive the grant, they could not pay the lawyer and withdrew their case at the final hearing. Needless to say, because of all this, lawyers have badly put the woman in the mouth.

She heard about me and came to me despite having had bad experience because she needed help. We've completed the divorce and real estate division that we started 9 to 10 years ago and we started to grant the social security and retirement income for her husband.

Through our efforts, the collection has begun and a revenue stream has begun to flow to the customer. We were also successful in defending the man from her husband's attempt to stop paying the grant and at the same time recovering the personal property that the court gave him. She still had to defend herself from the lawyer's $ 10,000 rights-bought by the lawyer and did not approve the cash she had paid at the start of the repre- sentation.

I'm writing this article because you can hope to avoid the costly mistakes of nine years of divorce.
There are two areas where people make mistakes. The first area is the lawyer's choice, the second area is the lawyer's choice after making mistakes.


COMBINED EXPERIENCE HYPE. Law firms that "combined years of experience" are likely to try to magnify or further develop credentials. If you're looking for an experienced lawyer, this hype will not tell you about the actual experience of some attorneys. My question is that every lawyer has a significant annual experience, why not tell me how much experience every lawyer has? Why? Because the combination figure seems larger. Even an ant looks like a huge monster under a magnifying glass.

LAUNDRY LIST HYPE. Attorneys who have a laundry list are not necessarily the best choice for your situation. Do you remember the saying, "Jack of all commerce, out of nowhere?" You must be a jack of all trades, but you can be master in every trade? How much is the company's practice devoted to its type of business? For example, a law firm (and a specific lawyer) devoted to a significant part of the practice of devoting the type of case you are looking for a representation?

Maybe you're dealing with a purchase, and it's important to find a lawyer or law firm that can handle more issues for you. Then you should ask if the lawyer is dealing with each field, but you should also ask how the practice deals with each area and how much experience the lawyer has in each area. Are there any customer testimonials in all areas? Think carefully and decide that it would be worthwhile to look for more specialized practices for each problem.

HIGHER HIPPE When it comes to law firms, the bigger is not necessarily better, far less the best. If you want personal attention, you may notice that a medium or smaller company will be more attentive. Attorneys' offices, which take collective photographs with all officials and secretaries, make more efforts to recruit hundreds of hundreds of lawyers with mega companies. But ultimately the size does not matter; the larger is not better than the smaller and not smaller than the larger. Personal care and attention are essential. This is something you need to ask and be sensitive when calling for a variety of attorneys and law firms to find the right lawyer and law firm for you and your affair.

IF ONE ANSWER POSSIBLE … [CHOOSING A LAWYER BASED ON COST] The cheapest is rarely the best. On the other hand, just because it costs something, it does not make it better than something that means less. Would your doctor or dentist choose how cheap your service is? No, if it would help. He wants you to be the best doctor, the most active doctor, the smartest doctor, the best doctor at the best price. Cost can be a legal factor in choosing a lawyer, but the last and least important factor. Costs, of course, should not override other factors, such as the ability, experience, reputation and legal certainty of the legal community. Can you get cheap legal advice that can be bad or bad?

IMPLEMENTATION AND NON-REVIEW Related to hype related to lawyer advertising is assumed and not verified. Do not believe your ads on the yellow page. Every lawyer is not equal. You must review any attorney or law firm before you are involved. Ask your reputation in the legal community. See that clients have to tell the lawyer and the law firm. THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PREVIOUS LEGALITY THE WAY. Do not assume that the pre-paid legal path is the way. Just because it requires pre-paid legitimate use does not mean they should use them. The best lawyers rarely belong to the prepaid legal service panel. You should not be allowed to represent a prepaid lawyer without first examining it.

Of course you will not necessarily need the best lawyer, but at least you want to ensure that the lawyer you choose is a good lawyer for the subject. You have to admit that a lawyer is a good lawyer in some cases and not for others. Here we need to measure and examine knowledge, experience and abilities. Is the company or lawyer who is considering a "non-prohibited" approach to family law? If so, make lengthy and expensive procedures.

You need to investigate a prepaid lawyer as diligently as any other lawyer and ask the same questions. If the lawyer does not make a substantial part of the law in the matter, he or she must look elsewhere. If the lawyer does not have a good reputation within the legal community, he has to look elsewhere. If a lawyer is unable to refer to articles or winners in points, if he or she can not show the client's accounts, he / she must look elsewhere.

If you have completed your homework and have chosen the law and law office you think best serves your needs and protects your needs and protects your interests, you can still costly make mistakes in your lawyer's recruitment.


DO NOT ASK AGREEMENT WITH THE WRITTEN AWARD In the legal recognition of verbal contracts enforcement may be problematic and requires the proving of the basic conditions. Without a written pricing agreement, how can you be sure that you and your lawyer have really come to understand it? Basic contract law requires you to have a "meeting the mind" to create a contract. He talks about "Offer" and "Acceptance." Written award agreement clarifies and consolidates the expectations of the client and the lawyer. The agreement should state the responsibilities of each party and the parameters of representation. This will protect you and your lawyer. Written tariffs are offered by the Virginia State Bar and the American Bar Association. If your lawyer does not make a written payment agreement or a representation contract, you must do so.

DO NOT ASK THE DOCUMENT BEFORE BOOKING. Whether it's a fee, a lease agreement, an order or a petition, just because the document is provided by your lawyer does not mean that you should not read it carefully and ask anything you do not understand. If the document is incorrect or contains errors or omissions, you must call your customers' attention.

CANCELING ASK FOR COPIES SUGGESTED. Always ask for a copy of a document that you have to ask to sign. In our office, we will give the client a copy of a pocket map of the tariff agreement, office policies and, where appropriate, the customer divorce manual.

CANCELING COPIES. You must keep important documents in a safe place. If the documents come from a lawyer, they are important and worth retaining, as long as the case or case is over and in some cases longer. The fact is that if you do not keep the copies, you may not be able to get the copies later. Believe me or not, I have had more clients over the years who have been victims of unscrupulous lawyers who have destroyed documents, avoiding collisions with customers. One of the really chopped file documents in front of the client. Beyond these questions, most lawyers do not keep customer files forever. In our office, we close files that are closed immediately to create new files. We recommend clients to download anything from files when they are closed because they are destroyed.

DO NOT ASK YOUR QUESTIONS. You have to ask a lawyer to consider who will hire a case like yours. You should ask your lawyer to examine your questions about your experience and your assignment. Can you show satisfied customers who have testified about their lawyer and law firm experience? Who is working with the lawyer in the case? How do I handle phone calls? How do you fill them up? What does the lawyer expect from you? How will he inform you about the progress of his case? How do you plan to present your case / defense? You need to ask your questions about court proceedings or other proceedings related to your case or legal affairs. If there are any terms you do not understand, ask your lawyer to explain it to you.

TERMINATION IN TOUCH. If you move or change jobs or phone numbers your lawyer may not be able to get you to communicate with your business. It is important that you keep your lawyer alongside circumstances, employment, and location changes.

AUDIO SELECTION ON THE TELEPHONE NUMBER. This can be related to failure to contact. Depending on the nature of the representation, the lawyer must quickly reach you. It's annoying for your lawyer to be unable to reach you and to affect your affair. Take steps to ensure your lawyer can reach you and talk to you immediately or within a matter of two hours. For example, suppose your lawyer is negotiating on your behalf. If you can not reach you at a negotiating critical point, the trial is "blown" or you lose your business.

In today's world of instant communication, there is no reason to facilitate lawyer communication.

What mistakes could be avoided in a nine-year divorce in Tale?

TEST – The client could have examined the lawyer before he shot. It could have been him googled. He could have asked several lawyers. He could have asked another attorney who was the best adulterer in the controversial case of adultery and property affairs. You could have asked the lawyer to report customers 'accounts or to express clients' experiences.

WRITTEN INSERTION AGREEMENT – It could have been a written toll collection and a receipt for the retainer. Or he could have written to a lawyer in a letter explaining the representation and fee of the charge and charge charged to the case, as well as the retired petitioner's salary, retaining a copy of the letter.

QUESTIONS: You could have asked the lawyer to upload and evaluate the matter. He could have asked if he had any experience with opposition advice, and if he was afraid of the man or if he was sure he was able to resolve the matter, despite being opposed to counsel. He could ask him what to expect and ask about the procedure in the controversial Virginia divorce.

You could have asked the lawyer what strategy he is planning to protect him and how he plans to attack. You could have asked the lawyer how you plan to keep up with the progress and progress of your case and how long it takes for this to be the final hearing. You could ask her how she plans to implement spouse support and what can be done to collect money.

When the lawyer received $ 10,000 in lawyer fees from her husband, he could ask the lawyer what he was doing and why. You could have asked for the details of the fees and whether it was responsible if your husband did not pay.

You could have talked to another lawyer or the state bar to ask what's going on and what rights he has as a client.

COMMUNICATION – You could have been in a bigger effort in attorneys' contacts and to monitor changes in circumstances such as accident and unemployment due to the disability caused by the accident. When the lawyer did not listen to the time, he could have called the lawyer. When the lawyer did not give up his telephone conversations, he could appoint an appointment to meet with him or write to him to document that he did not call back and ask for a status report and what the next step would be.

When the lawyer began earning the money for the woman, she should have answered the bills and letters writing questions about the awards. It could have been the charge of fees and the bookkeeping of the cashier he paid.

SECOND OPINION – When he was dissatisfied with the progress of his case, he could have purchased the second opinion and considered the changing counsel before the lawyer moved to retire the case or at least before the lawyer brought the charges. In fact, when the case was dismissed by the intervention court, he would have had to buy the second opinion and considered that he would change his advice and ask for his returnee to return.

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