What is the commitment?

Some people think that it comes from a sense of duty, but more is needed. Commitment can be compared to the mortar that binds the brick of a strong house. The mortar consists of ingredients such as sand, cement and water. Likewise, engagement comes from a combination of factors such as trust and friendship. But this bond usually weakens and finds out how.


Engagement itself requires a lot of hard work and self-sacrifice and is ready to give up on your own preferences to be kind to your partner. Though some may think that the idea of ​​having the other partner better than you and without questioning it is obsolete and fashionable, but if your family's happiness is important to you, then the principle of self-sacrifice will not have the opportunity. Marriage requires a lot of hard work and patience; in some cases even selfless married spouses do not always recognize each other's concerns or appreciate the victims of their peers. it may be disastrous, because if a couple does not show respect for each other, their marriage is a duty to cause misery in their bodies as otherwise. so it is different from marriage to survive the difficult times and thrive well, you need to develop a long-term view of the relationship. But you may have made a commitment to your relationship and your partner is not, so how do you make your partner equal to the relationship?

How to Strengthen Commitment

1. We treat marriage as a priority: we all have priorities and we all enjoy a certain degree of benefit to preserve a healthy family life, your marriage must be the second in the no-preference of fullness (read Philippians Bible 1: 10) the Bible calls it more important . God also appreciates how husbands and wives deal with each other. And you will also benefit from God when we treat each other with respect. Your companion must first be in everything you do in your life. Try it and ask yourself how much time I leave my partner? Ask yourself again about the specific thing I did to comfort my partner that we are still a good friend. The time invested in your relationship really counts for your partner, as it shows how committed the relationship is.

Try to figure out your associates to find out that the other partner feels that he is in touch, pragmatic doing a paper and describing money, work, entertainment, marriage, and friends. Then, indicate what your views are of the spouses' priorities and ask your partner to do the same and then replace the list to find out that your partner feels that you are paying more attention and then discuss with your partner to find out if there is some way to agree if something else seems to be the answer of others to others. Again, try to find out what else you are doing from the others to the other to make him happier.

2) Avoid all forms of infidelity: Try to avoid all that may lead to disbelief. if we remember the words of Jesus in the biblical book of Matthew 5:28 when we continued to look at a woman to passionate her, she committed adultery with her, and this applies to women as well. Adultery is a seed when it is thrown into its heart and regularly irrigated and then fertile, then the heart is lost. Pornography is a tool that takes its heart away, some think it's an adult movie, but frankly it's a movie for young kids and young people who are afraid tomorrow. In order to avoid infidelity in marriage, you must demand that you never look at pornography with or with your partner.

Dangers of pornography: show women only as sexual toys and performances are difficult for their companions and start to feel married to a bad person because the Bible says that expectation postpones the favor of a patient. So pornography is a self-esteem for the observer. Try to make a covenant with your eyes to never look at anything that does not like your companion or not.

Try to keep your heart safe to make a good connection with the opposite sex. you consider it innocuous friendship, but do not forget that you can not tell the other person the mind and the motive, and on the other hand, the heart is very misleading and misleads the man before he can grasp his senses.

Ask yourself the following questions: Which one do I most like to attract my spouse or someone else? With whom do I first share the good news – my spouse or someone else? if your partner asks me to restrict my relationship with the opposite sex partner, how would I react? do I hate you, or would I be happy to make the requested change? These and more are what you ask yourself to evaluate the relationship with anyone who is not your partner.

If you feel like being attracted to a member of the opposite sex or to anyone else than your partner, you limit your contact only to what is needed and keep each encounter at a purely professional level. Try not to focus on the way you think this person is better than your companion. Instead, focus on the peers with positive qualities. Then try to consider the basic reasons why you loved your partner, and then ask yourself if these beautiful features are lost or just you who have not seen them.

Take the initiative to make sure all the relationships you need to keep up with the big storm in marriage to make the necessary changes.

If the marriage is stable or tense, the partner must know that he is committed to the success of the marriage. Try it as hard as convince your partner to make your marriage successful, no matter what happens.

Marriage is not to be avoided if you have trouble getting married, make sure you try to solve all the minor problems before you blow them up and become a bigger problem that can lead to a happy reunion. Remember also that God is the initiator of marriage, that is, when there is a severe storm in marriage, his practical advice depends on the biblical arrangement.

Read this book and apply all your advice and feel more committed to your partner and bring the best out of the couple, and this will lead to a more satisfying and happy marriage. In marriage, misunderstandings that sometimes lead to quarrels are not always unusual, especially when couples have married. These two persons (husbands and wives) are composed of different family backgrounds, race, religion, ethnic origin and many differences that may exist between them before their marriage. the issues are treated differently in each household, the cases are evaluated differently, the norms and values ​​vary, with different education and training.

The above lists may lead to the conclusion that there is a misunderstanding or even quarrel between them until they are perfectly understood, accepting their new role as a new family, and creating new standards and values.

When couples are married, there is always struggle and struggle for primacy, must adopt acceptable norms and values, lead and lead? they are always the subject of battles for the supreme.
cultures vary from place to place to the acceptable answer about having to lead, but here is not the concentration that would lead but how to resolve the possible debate in the family.

There are practical tips to follow, as the Bible says, women should have their own husband. it is clear from this statement that man has to lead the leadership.

When you get married, there are some characters your spouse's showing that you never think he can. this is because the relationship is like a white paper and is a little away from the bud, you can hardly see the stain, so when politely painted spots on a white paper never appear after marriage when it brings the white you will see the stain, just after marrying when you live together, you will see the bad behaviors that you have never been exhausted.

If there is a misunderstanding, try to settle it before it comes to a quarrel if your partner shows a huge anger and begins to rob the abusive speech, then it remains the inner fortress to avoid quarrel and return the insult.

What you need, no matter what you said before you respond, smile, make sure it smiles deeply, and from the heart, then takes a deep breath, then carefully exhale, try to sue for peace.

When you do this and you get the process, your partner notices that you are not in the mood of fighting, and will certainly be disturbed and sue for peace, whether you are apologizing or asking forgiveness.

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