I'm trying to jealize to acquire deeper love, a common "hard-to-get" tactic supported by some "experts" and many people practice.

I know many men and women who have used this tactic and work short term, and many others use it and shoot big. Here is why?

first First of all, it is irresistible that you want to or even try to hurt someone you love. What you do with someone else's seeing him tries to prevent him from being insecure and irreproachable. And most men and women are insecure and self-esteem is missing, even if they do not even try. This means they are even more attracted to themselves or find someone who feels better. Those who are safe and have a strong feeling usually do not want to use stuff, used goods or remnants. They will be proud to be back.

2nd Secondly, the flow of attention and love that should be directed to someone to feel love and desire is disturbed by such a maneuver. If you differentiate love and direct more than one person, you can not afford one or the other, and you will not get enough. Often it is over.

3rd Third, a persistent man or woman will undoubtedly be fighting for love and attention and overcoming his true or supposed rival. But after winning the battle, its weakness and desire diminish, and the fight is exhausted by the rival. Most of the contacts are tense, sometimes so tense that either party knows at any time that fibers that are in contact can break or pass.

There is yet another stronger and more effective way for someone to miss so much.

They all seem to have nostalgia genes, especially when we remember positive emotional experiences. When we look back on these experiences, something in us has a sense of loss – whether it is related to the parents, the home left behind, or the childhood friends they've been in contact with. In general, we tend to be more aware of these emotionally positive experiences, warm and desirable. We know that we can never experience them again, but we want our part. And we smile, we just think about the opportunity.

In culture, we have rituals – more than group therapy – where a whole village or family sits down and (loosely translated) "sings to existence." There are "songs" in most families, clans and villages that aim to create a common identity. By singing these songs, they call attention to the feeling of community or compassion. The ritual is most often used during a crisis, or when a member feels / acts to threaten a common sense of identity. The goals are not to catch up in the past, but to move forward – together. People usually appreciate their relationships – and shared experiences – even more.

In my family, so far away from home, we use this ceremony to confirm "we are out of where we came from and why we are" where we are. "No matter how many times we do it, we cry together, laugh together, hugging and sometimes we just fall asleep

I deal with the foundations of the ritual and the training of Experimental Existing Psychology, I taught clients (pairs and singles), how to use "singing myself back"

I've been working hard, re-reviving and reaching our determined goal the existence of a ritual such that someone leaves them so much that they want them back.

If you are still a boyfriend with your ex and you talk regularly with him enough missing you enough to repel, "sing back to existence "

1. Bring with you such wonderful feelings and experiences that you have have been in the past when you were together. Talk about fun times, emotional moments, and the stupid / embarrassing incidents that both laugh / cry together and feel closer together

. Ask him whether he remembers television programs, songs, meals, events, and remembered pictures and encounters, what he remembered, and why he remembers them. This cautiously retracts it into a state of mind that combines the realities of present and past, the wishes of yesterday and tomorrow. The pieces of everyday life create the feeling of unity. The least trivial things make the strongest bonds

. Talk about your time not with regret or impression as if you want to go back to the past, but to feel that they were the best of your life. The real secret does not look back on what it was and did not anticipate what could have been, but lived in the present relationship and accepted it as it is now. When the only possible continuity in life is NOW, there is the most liquidity, freedom, active commitment, growth and the feeling of being "not burdened" or modern hip – there is no stress

4. Use the word "we" instead of "Me" or "You". The goal is to redefine the meaning of "what" and why it is much better than "you" and "me". Do not "idealize it – neither false nor objectionable, no disillusionment is only value.

The ultimate task, the ultimate test and proof, the work to which all other activities depend, is just a preparation, and we can not say," Let's look nostalgically for a moment, "and expect two of us suddenly to adhere to that wonderful state of mind.In order to share nostalgia, you need a time mature to unfold your heart and memories It does not work if the other person is concerned about reading today's newspapers , busy talking on the phone or trying to talk.

My people have a saying, "If I do not have the back of my head. You can not undo the past, but use the past to create the future. Just ask a couple who have been together for a long time, how they did it, and they told you, "ALL LISTENED – GOOD AND RIGHT – but we all got it."

Do it for you too.

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