Most of us grew up in a material-oriented culture that focuses on individualism and the development of our own personality. We teach that we are all distinct, and are determined by our ethnicity, physical appearance, perceived intelligence, and certain personality characteristics.

According to, 216,000 babies per day are born in the world. This means 9000 new people every day of the day, and it introduces many new little personalities to the human experience and the great celebration time for these families. All of them were at the same time a member of the celebrity group. Fortunately, most of us were happy and loving arms. Although our loved ones had a sense of inner awning and admiration, and despite the fact that these emotions did not dissolve, our physical needs and our everyday responsibilities were soon to come.

We stood at the center of our physicality, and the miracle of our being was simply accepted, which is. The rapid development of science has discovered and explained the physical creation of new life in great detail over the past few years and still has the ability to repeat the concept in a test tube again. For a while, science seemed to be able to explain everything through material research, studies, experiments, and published reports.

The classroom and the schools we attended have done everything to dismantle the factual data discovered in different areas of science in the formats learned so that our young and developing minds can assimilate and become acquainted with the world in which we work. The massive amount of information that is constantly accumulating is a continuous basis of knowledge for which new discoveries are needed.

Many of the surprises and respects of truly open-minded scientists in various places, the way to discovering humanity and universe cosmos, which we experience as a reality, leads to mysticism and concepts that simply can not be explained solely with materialism. The miraculous minds are capable of seemingly endless equations, hypotheses and theories, and remain the hallmarks of wonderful applications that are used by doctors, astronomers, geologists, professors, and designers around the world. Technological progress was surprising and it could be easily accelerated to seduce color and magic.

But scientists could not answer materialistic concepts about where and how they were disclosed. Obviously, when we explain the source and origin, who and we are. Yes, they taught a lot of ideas and theories in human history and taught us that this is the truth and that we have to believe it and that we continue our lives based on the constructions we are fed.

The problem is that predetermined and programmed belief systems do not match the coming of 216,000 new small creations that appear in the middle of every day. There are not the 6.5 billion people who are here or the billions who have come and gone before us. The deeper I am to the true scientists, those who are really trying to discover the truth and not simply try to confirm or re-establish the old ideas, the closer they are to the recognition of mysterious spiritual beings.

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