When people see a hypnotist, depending on their release and history, the hypnotist can sometimes use processes that fall into the category of "transparency" techniques. They can be very effective and effective when used in skill and in appropriate cases.

The "intuition" tag, however, is somewhat misleading. If we apply this approach, we are not really insisting on the insight to make a positive change. The past is not examined for analysis or people are "in contact with their feelings". Insight is not what it works for!

The "purpose" of the "insight" is to reduce the threat generated by parts of the brain automatically. It is his job to track the significant experiences that are identifiable as threatening and potentially dangerous (physically or socially). The brain constantly scans the person's environment to detect situations that somehow resemble an event that was previously threatening. These earlier events can be as simple as someone who is disappointed in them or someone tells them they will never achieve something.

When a person understands the similarities between the current situation and a previously sensitive event, especially when people are in a sensitive (stressed or tired) mood, and especially if the previous event has never been properly resolved, the alarm it rises and the person's body reacts with fear. This survival mechanism is necessary and outweighs man's rational thinking, especially when a person gives excessive emotions to the mixture, for example, he feels guilty or shameful in responding to the nervous system pre-programmed fear.


When "glimpse" works, it is because the hypnotic theme can change the emotional content of previous experience in the mind and remove its categorization as a constant danger. Then the brain scanning mechanism does not match the current circumstances with past events, so the current situation and the environment are not that alarming.

This is ideal, and hypnosis facilitates implementation because it allows you to experience changes in the brain and not just talk. But it is still often a good practice to practice and practice relaxation exercises such as deep breathing and other "attention" techniques to make a comprehensive response to unreasonable responses.

When we reduce the risk of major events that have occurred in the past, we can focus attention and focus on the present and the future, and further develop the skills that result in greater security and efficiency.

So if we use this approach in hypnosis, sometimes we find it useful to use past events (not just their analysis) in order to reduce or eliminate the automatic even starts. But it is important that during your work with the hypnotist you do not go beyond the past and do not stay past the product, so it is not necessary to focus on the work of discovering the past.

Of course, this approach is not the ideal or ideal for every human being and his situation, but when used with skill, it can create surprising changes in a short time.

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