As we all know, relationships pass through the phases. There are good times, and there are not good times. Seasonal. In fact, we can not really judge anyone, just because a season is not as good as the others … Truthfully, you can not see all the seasons unless you like. In fact, it's still worth it in the long run.

Using metaphors and analogy in managing relationships is great. Try not to define the events … actually try to accept and understand them, much easier this way. Receiving is a very nice thing. The virtues of another human being are just as important as yours and mine. During my grammar school and my university, I helped many friends, women and men who love their guru. All I heard was that I never offered a solution until we both understood the problem completely.

I heard and understood both male and female perspectives and figured out what? … they are very similar to each other. I'm not a relationship expert, in fact, I really do not think they exist because every relationship and person is unique and different. I like to say that wisdom is the best strategy when it comes to contact issues. Understanding of psychology means only the scratching of the surface and, in fact, with the wrong instrument, is just a manipulative tool that does not reach love. I would suggest that as you give your woman time, be there when he is in good spirits and is ill. Be yourself and this is the person you love him.

So if you are going to a season that can look cumbersome and tough against the others, you will not judge it, just accept it. Acceptance is a nice thing. Delight is sometimes so difficult to describe. Even in the dark moments of life there is beauty and I have seen it.

There are many ways to overcome the conflicts we experience in relationships, there is no golden rule. All these techniques are rather manipulative

Using psychological tactics rarely is the loving way of peaceful relationships, changing their own love to just one battlefield. The song by Pat Benatar is great!

So what if your girlfriend needs time?

** Be Real and Be Well.

The word "good" is your friend. What do we mean by "cool"? Cool means by staying irrational and needy. Do not put your needs on their own, in fact, the difficult times we go through in a relationship will determine us – they will make them stronger. So be happy, be happy and show him you really care about her while keeping your self-esteem. They now allow a combination of analogy and metaphor, both in wisdom and in understanding basic psychology.

First there is some wisdom, analogy and metaphor; Love is like a tree, it is necessary for the day, requires "space", "time" is needed to "grow". Imagine this to a healthy tree, and this healthy tree resembles your relationship. If you want the tree to grow, you can not cover it and block it from sunlight as it does not give space, time and sunlight, it will not grow. Try not to block the sunlight from being around him all the time and not let him use his own internal resources to solve his own problems. Now as part of psychology. We all tend to move "to" the things we live that we are happy to associate with, and we tend to "move away" from things in life to which we associate pain. This is true. Did you remove it?

** Show Empathy and Compassion.

empathy. Put yourself in your shoes, what do you feel now? You can get in touch with what you are doing at your workplace, home, friends, and most importantly your relationship with him. If you are stressful, do not force more, but all the reassuring experience that all the encounters with him will not only make him happy, but can show him why you are together and that you are so big, actually confirming the early reasons why love you. Remember that he liked something. I'm pretty sure you made him happy and excited when he first met you, so it's easy again and better to do it. Why? Because you share history and you are such a great person. Continue to give value and do not be afraid to lose it and see what's happening.

The word "love". This word has so much meaning and is often misused, deceived, or afraid of people. Well, love is everywhere, and that is not a definable feeling. Even if your girlfriend did not say I love you, it does not mean that she does not. Love can be manifested in many ways. Express her love for her, being patient and accepting her, just as it is when she is very cold now. Guys, I quote, "Love does not see a perfect man, he is perfectly" imperfect. "

** Go with your friends or plan to escape with them.

I'm pretty sure you will enjoy the upgraded sitting one spa, having some drinks doing a bbq and just relaxing, you will find that the person you met with your girlfriend was an outgoing and independent person, do not lose this independence.If you drank the boys, stay safe and not

** When he talks to you

Listen to him Keep up enough See your eyes and do not interrupt Answer my questions and be honest

If you are eye contact, you will have a deeper understanding you really are really listening, use empathic communication, that is, "yes you say, you really feel …" Do not take part in a solution-based conversation until both n you actually understand the whole problem. Let talk, talk and talk, even if you do not like what you say. Sometimes I make this mistake, I'm just twitching it.

When it's time to get to her different ways, wherever it is, give her a hug if she just likes it at the moment, do not go kissing. You will find it over time to kiss your face and slowly open. Say good night or what you usually say and thank him for coming out. The same applies to phone calls.

** Feel like he's a big girlfriend.

There is nothing worse than a woman to believe that she is a terrible witch to her friend. Yes, they feel bad if they hurt you. I mean. When you forgive, forgive him if you're wrong, apologize for it. This is the beginning of healing. Tell him you think he's great, even if he's really upset in the last few weeks.

** Laugh with her.

To act in a humorous joke, I tend to repeat something and change my voice funny. Women love this. Keep in mind that girls like to have fun, just like we guys.

** Do not jealously jealize other women.

Yes, jealously, a very strong motivation factor is that someone is brought home to respond to bad things and does not like love, I can assure you. I have two types of jealousy: good jealousy and jealousy. Good jealousy is usually when we have a small feeling, but it stops right away and does not get in touch with it. There are certain emotions, but they recognize that you have an emotion.

It's kind of jealous while you're in your relationship and do not undermine yourself or yours. He is going to do the jealousy exactly the opposite, he continues and connects, causing suspicion, mistrust, and obviously uncertainty. Do not forget jealousy, especially your girlfriend, to make her jealous, stronger than she thinks and can back off.

** Do not give him an ultimatum.

The worst thing you can do is give him the deadline for how long it will take or decide for him. I warn you that you will be the loser. Ultimatums rarely work, and this comes from my attorneys' experience and understanding of the win-win situation. If you use an ultimatum, you consider it a lossless situation.

It's okay to tell him it's painful and frustrating, and that the relationship is not what you really want. You must tell him you will not get stuck when it's still cold. You have the right to make decisions and to act with them. (If you go down the field, you would obviously have thought this and you really want to end it). Do not say that manipulating her to bring her back might be chasing her, but she will not be in love, she will be afraid. Trust me in doing love is much better if you have a peaceful relationship in the long run.

** Be strong!

This is mandatory. I did not see it in any web publication. This is not only important to you but important for you to see that you are the rock itself. If one day comes to you and you bear your children, you do not want someone who does not control your emotions and is like a toddler.

** Balance, Exercise, Reading and Proper Eating

Knowing the events of the world, reading the novel, training in the gym, and eating properly. You will look better, feel better and occupy your own, busy. This is important not only for your own well-being, but also for the world outside.

The reason your girlfriend needs time is not just about you, but about being respected. Be open when you say what you are saying and let them figure things out on your own and give him as much time as you want. If you want time and you are in the position you want your girlfriend to ask for you. Handle others how you want to deal with and trust me, this is a simple, yet bullet proof strategy for your relationship.

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