People concerned; as they live and are themselves in their place of residence. A few decades ago the behavior pattern was under the political, social and cultural impact of society. Each organization produces a social club in its own sacredness and reputation to make a meaningful engagement. The results have gradually increased in some mature societies and have created many thinkers. He helped them to create a mature outlook in peoples in which there are some who can not and are arrogant.

However, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the scenario is constantly changing. Today, the situation is alarming and scary global. What happened and who is responsible for such arrogance among people? Digitizing our spirit transformed people and communities into a novel arena of speed and compromise. The work culture or the sociopolitical tendency is rapidly evolving in the fragrant position, in the absence of basic integrity and norms.

The quantum leap of modernization is about a new kind of gadget and tool-promoting generation for a young thinker. In fact it is not limited to younger boys, but it is also transformed into many applications. The most shocking are the political and financial developments that affect the country's administrative and social framework. The gap between the rich class and middle-income people is growing steadily. Its effects are racial relationships and causes, and do not become their own competitors in the same position.

Little veteran, scientist, and old man have expressed concern, but they do not succeed, their natural deaths against rich and mighty people. Current politicians, businessmen and technocrats, who have limited some, are a kind of unscrupulous mind. They show mercilessly unruly and arrogance to suppress the others, limiting some rich and mighty. Not only do they like them to collect the stake, but to protect them against their evil activities. The law-makers are the law-makers; how will the cat ring? Regrettably, the opposition group reflects its own incompetence and misbehavior. They neglect the role of healthy confrontation. They become norms of modern society; the diligent retracts the back seat and the ignorant rule in the stable.

An objective analysis of the above scenario explores the decadence of modern society and the appearance of supremacy. The seeds of materialistic attachment have become the backbone and web of blackmail around today's generation. Disastrous effects had an impact on young people and the elderly. The interest of the digital media and the commercial world did not leave any stone that kept the people in line. Marathon has been making efforts to take corrective action for normal individuality and collective creation.

The most catastrophic outcome and impact on women in the world of third worlds has been reduced to their behavioral conception. He also changed his thinking and thinking habits. The result is material attachment, unproductive rituals, and exercises overwhelming in their lives. The reality and role of existence is triumphed, it is superficial and shows a show. This course is in front of their spirit and their influence is profound and deep rooted.

When we compare reality with superficial and insignificant values, the facts and the phenomenon become apparent in their absence. The need for the hour is to attain spiritual freedom and to create humility. History has recorded the role models that have brought about such structural changes and brought them into reality. These role models translated the deficiencies of ignorant people to awaken the facts and the phenomenon.

The most difficult shock of such a moment is Karbala (Iraq). Imam Hussain Ibne Abutalib (PBUH) with the seventy-two followers, the old man with the young and a six-month-old baby, scanned his life. They had been deprived of food and water for three or more days while fighting the tyrant against Yazid (the enemy of mankind is the Bani-Ummayads dynasty). Imam Hussain led a revolution to gain spiritual freedom against the materialist struggle. Over the past fourteen years, the most difficult effects occur each year, the peaceful March Arabian (forty days after the martyrdom), Najah and Karbala, in Iraq, continue to grow. The parade includes twenty to twenty-two million people taking part in an eighty-kilometer. This peaceful course clearly stated that the righteous would triumph over the mighty. Zsarnok

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