Jigsaw puzzles are said to help increase mental power as well as concentration, memory and sharpness. We tend to become more alert and healthier when playing with jigsaw puzzles. Do you know the reasons? It belongs to the human brain divided into two separate parts: right and left brain, which deal with linear functions or tasks, holistic or emotional and creative tasks. When and when we are able to take advantage of both parts of the brain we achieve fantastic results and puzzle games will help us do this.

When you build a jigsaw puzzle, you both use the brain at the same time. The left brain is used for the purpose of logical, consecutive and symbolizing, while the right brain is more thoughtful with emotions, intuition and concepts.

Jigsaw puzzles have been studying the existence of a continuous brain activity that includes all cells and parts of the brain. This intensive activity serves the brain cells and thus activates them, increasing their efficiency and capacity.

There have been many studies, such as the MacArthur Study, which found that people who used to use the puzzles were crosswords and were fully active to achieve a longer life expectancy and less chance of becoming Alzheimer's, memory loss, dementia and other aging problems.

The brain is known for dopamine, which is primarily memory-related memory. Chemical production in the brain increases at that time when it comes to solving the puzzle game.

Puzzle games not only increase our creativity and expand our thinking ability; it also increases concentration, emphasis and visualization. Visualization is what helps us to share the physical solution to spiritual activity, it always precedes physical activity. Using the power of visualization you can set it to reach whatever you want and reach the happiness of life.

Working on jigsaw tasks and focusing on the same picture for a longer period of time can actually lead to meditation and some peace and quiet in the mind. The mind now focuses only on the visualization of the image and concentrates on it alone, excluding everything else around it. It comes on a meditative and peaceful stage, where other thoughts do not arise to disturb your calm.

Retention of puzzles is mentally active and young. You will find that by thinking and mind becoming clearer, you can clearly see things and gain new insights into situations and problems. It further helps you in your mind with clutter and has a brilliant intellectual. Keep up-to-the-minute riddles and grow younger every day.

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