The psychotherapy of your unconscious mind, which produces your dreams, works like the empowerment of the mind. With dream therapy, you can increase your brain power and at the same time achieve spiritual perfection.

If you are intelligent, you can easily understand that the unconscious mind is your doctor and your teacher while being an ignorant and imperfect human being. Your development will be very fast if you have a modest position. Otherwise, you may waste your time trying to understand why you have to follow unconscious guidance until you finally disagree with what your unconscious mind will show you in your dreams.

The unconscious mind is very generous and patient and gives many explanations. But why waste time with the same question without reason?

When you search, you can always conclude that the unconscious mind is really right when you analyze all of your components of reality. Unconscious wisdom and holiness proves that God exists. We are not alone in the universe.

So forget the ridiculous atheistic and materialistic thinking of our absurd civilization. The discovery of Carl Jung and the discovery of many scholars have shown to the world in many different disciplines that there is another side behind the reality of our appearance.

You need a good patient and student behavior. First, your doctor and teacher must heal your psyche. Do not deny the job or change your plans if necessary.

For example, one of my first online patients (in 2007) wanted to live and work in a big city, even though she lived and worked in another city. He had a good salary, but wanted to live in the big city for personal reasons.

He was very opposed to turning the same question to the subconscious mind. 5 I dreamed about the same theme for my dream: why would it be so bad to leave her work and live in this big city?

Fortunately, his last dream was very convincing.

The unconscious mind is very patient. Many explanations give the dreamers a lot of detail, answering their questions. In the dream of the unconscious mind, this dreamer appeared for 5 reasons why it would be very bad to resign and live in this big city.

In his last dream, he saw that he lived in this big city with a pretty handsome man. She was very kind to her. But when she asked him when they would get married, she disappeared.

The unconscious mind showed her that she was dating for some time. Nobody ever has to marry her in the city. There were many dangers that were completely ignored.

After dreaming, he finally realized that he really had to forget about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlifestyle in the big city and solve his problems where he was already. A new adventure was not the right solution.

If you insist on your plans, like this dreamer, you waste your time trying to understand why you're mistaken. If you can not understand or accept the unconscious wisdom at once, you must at least respect it and not stick to your plans.

He ignores a lot of things. Your plans do not help in success. If the unconscious mind tells you in a dream that something is bad for you, you can be certain that the unconscious mind is right. It does not make sense to ask the same question a thousand times. The unconscious mind simply gives you a thousand explanations of why you are facing the bad consequences of sticking to your plans.

Of course, you have to ask more questions for the unconscious mind if you do not agree with what you show in your dreams. However, do not be stubborn.

Cognac psychotherapy is a process of consciousness based on personality transformation. It works in the same way as spiritual purification because it eliminates evil from its psyche and only develops the positive qualities of personality.

Unconscious psychotherapy helps maintain mental health and build self-confidence by helping to develop intelligence and sensitivity fully. So you can use brain power, read people's minds, predict the future, achieve extraordinary memory and achieve high levels of knowledge.

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