This is a real story about a self-employed carpenter struggling with his life. He had a lot of common problems for the carpenters. He was tired of using narcotic drugs and drugs, and he was forced to get into the treatment center many years before. He was able to get help for these problems, but he still struggled to make money especially in his financial life. It was very difficult to find the right girlfriend to stay with. No one seemed good enough for him, so he jumped from his girlfriend to girlfriend, never found true love. Actually, true love thought it was just a "lie" and the world was usually a selfish place that he hoped would pass through a blurry miracle.

One day the caretaker met a weird little man called "Walking Bob". Walking Bob was a very interesting man because he had colonized the Korean War and came back to the United States as a celebrated soldier. The caretaker was very impressed with Walking Bob because he had heard of Golden Glove Boxer for years. He was a gray-haired little man with great stories.

Probably the most interesting story Walking Bob had to say was an extraordinary tragedy that many years after the war. She returned to America and married her daddy's love. He also raised two children who eventually grew up and went to college. One day when Walking Bob's wife went to the airport to pick up the two puppies in a terrible car accident. Bob's wife and two children died and Walking Bob left alone. Due to this terrible tragedy, Walking Bob was very depressed and had a heart attack. He went to the hospital and doctors did not know if he would live. He got up from his hospital bed and told doctors and nurses to leave the hospital and go to a nationwide walk.

Doctors and nurses tried very hard to change Walking Bob's mind. They told him "mentally unstable," but Walking Bob insisted on his plan to leave the hospital. He walked for days and days and told his story to the people he met along the way. He also read a book he walked in the book Miracle Wonder. He practiced lessons in the book and talked with the people he met while walking. One day, while walking around, she visited a charity organization. Inside, there are children who have had terminal illness and Walking Bob started crying. People gave them money as he told them about their story, but now that he heard the story of the children, he knew that the money he'd collected had to go to these kids instead. He sold everything he had and continued walking. She began to collect more and more money as she walked and told her stories and the story of the children. As soon as he collected money, he continued to donate all the charities known as the Make a Wish Foundation.

Self-employed carpenter who struggled with her life was lucky enough to meet Walking Bob. He heard the story of Walking Bob saying and asked him if he could meet him again and talk more. Walking Bob decided to rest and stay in the city where the caretaker is working to talk to each other day after day. Walking Bob told him about "The Course of Miracles," and told him to read the book and practice the lessons. The caretaker thought the book was a bit strange, but he agreed to read it just to please Walking Bob. Every day, Bob Walking talked about carpenters about war stories and gold gloves, and about the Wonders Course.

Finally, the caretaker started studying the course seriously and noticed that her life was actually improving. He met a girl he really loved and asked him to move to a foreign country. Her family was very poor and she hoped the caretaker could help her and her family to come up with the problem she came in. The caretaker was very scared, but he remembered a line from the book that Walking Bob had given him. He said: "The opposite of love is fear, but the all-encompassing can not be contradictory." After many months the carpenter loaded his bag and boarded a plane. They found a job in this distant country and eventually started their own business. She practiced the lessons in the book and followed her heart. His life was better and better. The company eventually became very successful and married the girl she loved years ago. He helped his family from the impoverished country where they came and started helping other people from the impoverished country. After struggling for a number of years as Earth's salt, he was like Walking Bob and he was no longer struggling, but he was happier than ever.

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