Are you afraid? Think about it, there are things that are just dreaded, such as public speaking. Most people are afraid of something or something else. I deal with 7 basic independence, which prevents life in the most complete life.

first The fear of failure
It is a very big fear that there are many. Is it better if you try to fail or just do not try at all? I know I'm trying and I'm not trying again. Failure is quickly forgotten and there are some valuable lessons to learn.

2nd Fear of Being alone
Many fear being alone. Even if you lose your partner, you do not have to be alone. Get out and talk to others and join community groups. You will be amazed at how many people are among those who want to share your business.

3rd Fear of criticism
We've been criticizing at all stages and it's not a pleasant feeling at all. If you are trying to find new ideas there, you will get criticism from others. If it succeeds, all this will be praised.

4th Fear of the Audience
Do not you hate the wife and talk to others? My glasses got caught, and then got nervous, but I managed to get it, and I'm addressing groups every day. Just focus on a person in the audience and imagine talking to a friend.

5th The fear of success
Can you believe it? In addition to fear of other things, some fear that they may be successful. Responsibility lies in the success, and it can be daunting.

6th Fear of Pain
If you have been emotionally injured a few times, it may seem easier to not get involved again, instead of being damaged again. Unfortunately, we are social animals and we really need to be in touch with others.

7th Unknown fear
Nobody really knows what's in front of us, but why are we afraid of it? Rather, a great adventure is worth turning around.

By exploiting your fears, you can enjoy a lot more life. The fears really hold back and they all think – you can check what you think!

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