John Locke said no one could know his experience. Do you agree with this? After you know everything you know, or do you know things you did not actually experience?

You see there is a difference between knowledge and faith. Perhaps she would believe something because she gave me advice from a reliable source, maybe a friend, newspaper, or an encyclopedia. For example, you might have a place called Moscow because you read about it and heard about it. If, however, you did not really go to Moscow, then you do not know he is there. You only know if you've really experienced it. As long as you experience it, it's just silence or faith.

So, what does it mean to us? I would say that at the end of the day you should aim to get the most out of this life. If you do not want to go through the knowledge of others, you have to go there and have your own experiences. That's the idea that's on me. What is better than being there, where you can always gain experience and add them to our knowledge base?

You can really motivate this. Returning to the previous example, you can say that you would like to experience Moscow. The next thing is how and when to experience Moscow, and of course how to get funding. Suddenly, you set goals that give you something to do and wait. Life is quiet and boring when I'm waiting for little or nothing.

So, although today's inspirational thoughts seem to us today, we can simply apply it to everyday life. Just go there and experience as much as you can.

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