Did your heart offend someone you love? It is likely to experience a wide range of emotions during the post-disintegration period. Maybe you're not sure that breaking was the right thing. There are so many broken words that describe the heart's emotion in such a time. Think about this:

  • If you still want to try, do not wipe your tears,
    If you still want to cry
    one answer
    If you still want to know, do not tell him you do not love him
    If you can not leave him. "
    – Anonymous

    emotions, sometimes it's time to evaluate the relationship to decide if you really understand each other.

  • What kind of things did you have to fall in for the first time?
  • What kind of values ​​do you have?
  • What do you do together?
  • Looking at the big picture, do you want the same things from life?
  • When you honestly estimate the differences and what went wrong in your relationships, and what's going on well, you can decide if what you really want and need is your return. "The following quotation describes your feelings

    " Do not say that they are not true to each other
    as I see,
    we do not understand others. "
    – Anonymous

    If so, committed effort to recover ex-Jet. If not, do not think that alone can not do it. You know! Always remember this broken heart, saying:

    If you love me, let me know.
    If not, then let go cautiously. "
    Finally, 19659002]" If you love, break your hearts, Cry a river,
    And build it
    And take it. "
    – Anonymous

    that's not as easy as it sounds, but it's definitely possible. Take this ultimate broken heart, saying and embracing it: "You better love and lose
    You never wanted to."
    – Alfred Lord Tennyson

    do you know there is a thing you say to regain the ex

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