Good spiritual growth is really important in a Christian Christian family. The child should not only have to know about the Bible and what Jesus has done for us, but must understand and use it in his daily life. For the spiritual growth of the child, the parents send their children to Sunday school where they learn the Bible and many stories. One thing a Sunday teacher needs to keep in mind is that the mind of the child is really soft and really absorbs the things they say. That is why you need to point out inspiring Bible stories for children at Sunday School as they learn from them and become like Bible actors. A really good story that inspires the child is that King David is. The story shows that God can even choose the smallest people to lead the kingdom, and this age is no problem for God's decisions. David was the smallest child in the family, and all he did was watching a sheep stock. God chose him because he was humble and good in God's eyes. With this story, children learn to be humble and try to see God with great eyes to elect the Kingdom of the Lord.

Another very inspirational story for the Zacchaeus. There were very few people who never noticed. One day when Jesus walked around the streets, Zacchaeus wanted to see him. The only problem was that he was too short and did not see Jesus and did not even notice him. That is why a tree rose up. Jesus immediately noticed this and called Zacceus into his house. This shows that God even detects the little ones if they have a real desire to meet him. This is a very common biblical story, but unfortunately it can never be explained to children.

Such inspirational Bible stories are great, but only when the children are explained instantly. Children should be the focus of attention when explaining the story. When I was in Sunday School, I learned a lot of biblical stories, but the sad part is that they never explained to me.

So when you tell a biblical story, make sure you explain this and always keep the kids in mind when I ask for explanation.

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