Judah Folkman, a physician, retained an article in his archive written by two physicist professors in the New York Times, explaining that he would never be able to fly to airplanes. Three months later, the Wright brothers fluttered in Kitty Hawk's air.

In 1970, Folkman suggested an idea that contradicted what the scientists knew then. He suggested that tumors create new blood vessels to nourish themselves and grow. He laughed and met with marriage and said that his study was a vain science. In a research agreement when he showed his ideas, half of the audience started. It lasted for two decades, despite any other opinion and reaction.

My question was that it would have gone further?

Today, she has helped her more than 100,000 cancer patients in her research, and she has a leading role in cancer healing.

Michael Jordon was kicked out of the varsity basketball team in the first year of high school.

My question was: Would you have continued?

Michael doubled the other players' practice and became the best basketball player ever.

Colonel Sanders, the legendary fast food chain, broke KFC's father, just a small house and an old car in his name. She was 65 years old. He decided to sell the chicken recipe for the restaurants for free, in return for a small percentage of the chicken sold. 1000 times redirected.

My question was to continue working?

1009 Rejected on His Proposal Before Getting the First "Colonel Hartland Sanders Has Changed The World's Dietary Habits Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Bruce Lee he studied and mastered kung-fu, but he really wanted to be an actor. He had a few roles in TV and film, but he thought he had come to a break when he heard a new "Kung Fu "It was a series, and he was looking for a new star. He had a successful test, but eventually got the role of David Carradine.

Afterwards they were offered and featured in many feature films and actor

Fred Smith was a student at Yale, where he studied economics. He wrote a paper that agrees with the professor of air freight through passenger airplanes, and rather suggested that separate letters be devoted to the letter and not to the people. The professor cast a low degree.

Fred did not like it and went out to tell the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčothers and to get investors. He met with interest. However, his passion and courage for his convictions well served and raised $ 91 million to his unproved idea.

FEDEX was born, and in the first few years the losses increased to several million dollars. Investors wanted to remove Fred and hire someone to take over the company.

My question was to have continued? Fred did not lose his faith, worked around the clock to solve operational problems and rejected $ 75 million in revenue with $ 3.6 million in profit. Today, FEDEX is a multi-million dollar company.

W. Mitchell was 28 at the top of the world! Finally, he saved enough money for his dream car, and life was good. He left the traffic accident with his broken elbows and pool and burned to 75% of his body. She recognized her face, and her fingers and thumbs were burned down and left two jumps where her hands were used.

My question was: Would you have continued? [6] After 6 months of rehabilitation, they found an idea for a stove. He was thinking of "knowing a bit about fire" and co-founder of Vermont Casting Inc., which became Vermont's second largest employer. With his profits, he took a personal plane and, despite the physical obstacle, had no hands, he was able to fly.

Mitchell thought he was back on top of the world. Life was good and he did.

However, the routine flight to San Francisco – the Mitchell flew many times before – the machine failed and collapsed. There were four other people on the plane and they all left. Everyone except Mitchell. He broke his twelfth chest and would never be able to use his leg again. She needed a wheelchair.

My question was: Would it have continued? 19459004

About Accidents: I could do ten thousand things before the accident. I could spend the remainder of my life with the thousands of dollars I lost, but I decided to concentrate on the nine thousand still left.

Mitchell is still the board director for many companies and a successful businessman. He is co-founder of the $ 65 million company.

What's the point on these stories I'm telling you about? … tell me … Whatever you take out of these stories, the message you are now ready to go. For me the subject of the article is perseverance. Counties. As long. Nothing bad, monkey, excuse, maybe not. I only. As long. I trust what you needed and wanted to understand and give meaning, you've chosen the most perfect method for you!

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