Have you ever been spared, and then you found yourself contradicting and pulling yourself out? Something like that happens. Your friend says, "You look fabulous in jeans," and your answer is, "I look a lot better if I lose weight." It will tell you for a long time how fat and ugly you are and how you will never lose weight. So how do you feel right now?

Why do we do this for ourselves? Your boyfriend paid you a primary compliment that made us feel good. Instead you went and drifted around it, pulled it off the sludge, and finally both of you and your friend felt badly. What you should have done, accept the compliment and enjoy it. It was not good if someone noticed how it looked good?

One of my gold rules will never talk about myself. If others talk badly about me, I may not be directed. However, it is easy to check what I say about myself. If you talk badly about yourself, these negative words become negative thoughts and lead to negative actions. Something I've read somewhere to love, you first have to love yourself. Nothing can be that you love yourself when you talk badly about yourself. You really really have to work because it's so good that you are positive and think good. You do not need to blow your own trumpet, but do not stay up for good.

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