The International Journal of Stress Management is a methodological journal for professionals who handle personal and occupational stresses. The journal is a peer-reviewed first-class article, including critiques, theoretical, historical and empirical articles, editorials and audits. Some areas of interest are "stress and trauma assessment", "stress and trauma management", stress management and treatment issues.

Issued as a four-year periodical, this is also the official publication of the International Stress Management Association or ISMA. ISMA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to "less stressed worlds". The organization seeks out to educate students and professionals, as well as extensive methodological research on interdisciplinary stress management, including psychology, dentistry, medicine, physiotherapy, education, occupational therapies, speech therapy, business and industry, and psychiatry.

The International Journal of Stress Management, 4th Edition, Vol. 13, (November 2006), including articles reflecting the various issues of stress management and stress areas, in four articles focusing specifically on the stress of the "police" profession. Some of the articles in this publication include:

The Outstanding Consequences of the Role in the Environment: A Metainal Review
The journal article focuses on "role-stress stress". The article examines the well-known effect of roles, with particular regard to research differences in the context of role-dependency considerations and the effects cited regularly through the use of meta-analysis techniques.

Emotional Disproportion, Burnout, and Role between Sisters and Police
Articles deal with two studies -101 policemen and 108 sisters tested the suggestion that "emotionally demanding" relationships with recipients could result in emotional dissonance, and can lead to workload. The authors also assume that "emotional dissonance" can be related to the role of role in relation to burnout.

Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms and Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in Police
The article focuses on a current study of the relationship between posttraumatic stress symptoms in "subclinical cardiovascular disease" policemen. The study showed that in the police sample, higher PTSD symptoms are related to almost double the "brachial artery FMD" – biomarker of subclinical cardiovascular disease

The International Stress Management Journal aims at education, psychiatry, psychology, medicine and Stress and Stress Research by Others International Stress Management Hospitals, Other Health Care Institutions and Hospitals The subscription fee for the journal is $ 75 for $ 35 for private individuals.

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