Extra sensory perception – is it real? We have five senses, and it seems we know where the body parts are in space, we always call it a sixth innate sense for all of us. So, is there any other ability than people? This is the theme of our conversation recently in our think tank, you see there is no limitation on why we limit our minds.

Recently, I talked about the subject of ESP with an idea of ​​purpose and asked, "What do you think the ESP explains in different shapes and if you do not respond to BS, did you have any experience that you attribute to ESP? "

Well, I think we all have one or more points, somewhat more than others, so probably ESP events often occur – that would be my guesswork. In fact, I think that some people, a small percentage, have the skills that are not everyone else. I think there is a genetic component, and I'm fine if about 1/2 Rupert Sheldrake finds it, even if people are called pseudo-dog scientists. I really enjoyed the MkUltra Project-like endeavors that brought science to the equation with some Russian "remote viewing" projects. In fact, I was expecting to build a tool with which we could talk about the mind, brain waves and electronic impulses, as well as various biorhythms with the use of vibrational energies.

We need to get a simple explanation as we figure it out. Mothers and newborns communicate with bodily functions, it seems that animals are not, birds, etc., and we can not explain everything based on reading the body language. Other bacteria can do this, bacteria can communicate with vibrational energy. If people share the same bacteria with the same foods, brain chemicals, the same culture, and similar gene expression, the reason is that they also need to be less conscientious in supporting communication without having to enter the shared pairs of quantum mechanics though this [IndeedthereissomuchevidencethatsuchthingsarepossibleitishardtobelievethatsciencecompletelyrejectsthenotionofBSandtriestoquestiontheemphasisonattemptstoransomsuchresearch;whataretheyafraidofhim?IfitturnsoutthatthisBSiswinningbutitislikelythatwecanunlocktherealityThisisagoodstartingpointforstartingadialogueIthinkthereisascientificexplanationthatsomemindshaveatleastalittleextraabilityeveniftheycansometimesdoso

According to my own experience, the sport has remarkable abilities, and I was not sure if I was controlling the situation, thinking of someone else's head or reading my mind, or if I was just in a "zone" that I put in my shoe, and figured out, of course I figured out. I think sports, competition and stressful situations, such as life-and-death, wars, hunting, hunting may increase it and some fears can help, while other fears can reduce.

I'm not religious, and for a moment I will not give credit to these supernatural religious lines. I want to know why it works and how, and will it continue to use, while being very cautious about what I want? What's up with you, send me an e-mail about your thoughts on the subject.

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