The inspiration of this article revealed to me that on November 17, 2005, at the National Cathedral in Washington, at the National Cathedral in Washington, I watched a video of the Marianne Williamson cave video. Some anonymous blessed soul sent me the link and thank you, you are.

Ms. Williamson is one of my favorite phenomenal women and I have a virtually all fixed conversation he has given me and he is listening regularly. But my goddess, this strange talk that has been given to hundreds of women in the US as a very important milestone, has definitely caught the water and is definitely the "goosebump" variety. The only thing I can compare with electrifying intensity and deep resonance is when I hear the live recording of Aretha Franklin "Amazing Grace". Everywhere I knock my spine and the tangles up and down.

I want to be "queen" like Marianne, Aretha and Bette Midler (just a few of them). But unfortunately, I'm still struggling to get rid of the "princess / martyr" dress I designed for when I was very small. Unfortunately, it is very tight and difficult to get out, but it's getting loose as they grow into the woman I wanted to be with. And exactly what do I want one day? What are these "diva" or "queen" women not yet fully developed? You can sum it up in two words:


You see, the difference between the divas / queens in question and myself is that they have abandoned the terrible habit of always figuring out and "shrinking so other people do not feel safe around them "(a wonderful line from a famous Marianne Williamson poem). Simply put, ALL THEIR EFFICIENCY AND USE THE WORLD TO USE IT RIGHT.

What separates the princesses from the queen? I would say that this is one thing and only one thing: GUTS. The voice of the queen and of your righteousness means courage; also known as COURAGE. You need to talk in your mind when others disagree and try to hit. There is a need for courage to protect yourself and your children from having to say "NO" if they are threatened with financial destruction, abandonment, and the loss of approval of others.

I have a theory, and I'm sure this is not unique. But many of my clients find it useful. Here are: women are getting stronger, more flexible and wiser with age, and as they are, old fears begin to melt and find their true voices and do not stop being "perfect" wife, girl, mother, brother, friend etc. which they thought they should be. In other words, they are no longer interested in what others think of them. For me it sounds like Nirvana!

This is especially true for women who have undergone menopause. I am very happy to get many such fabulous women as clients and taught so much. I can not tell how many times I've heard a menopausal customer say that they have come to a place in their lives where they finally gave up trying to please the & # 39; 39; to all and basically to those who love or shrink around them "(ie, they became a new woman)

I tell you I can not wait that day I & I am sick and tired of how others think about me or how they see me. Very hot flashes do not sound so great and they do not lie in bed every night who can hardly sleep with blank eyes on the ceiling, but the feeling of self-confidence is basically certain.

At age 36 I realize that menopause can be a long way , so in this sense I do my best to become more courageous by saying more and more to my conviction, I do this in baby steps, but I am proud of myself if I succeed and I encourage customers to do the same and they They also live with greater confidence,

A recent example is a very pregnant woman who is only with her husband and baby boy al and his doctor wanted to provide the child with red to show upcoming birth. Finally, some support and coaching could tell family members that this agreement would "not work" for her husband and prevented the catastrophe. Even though they did not like them, they respected what he was asking for. It becomes much more relaxed and controllable.

I'd like to leave some tips to help you enter your inner "lion's shepherd" and raise the courage to talk about your truth … [Este] Top Five "

Moving from Princess to Queen" Tips:

first Try to pretend that you do not care about what others think of you or you are behind your back. Your brain does not know the difference. In other words, "false to do it".

2nd Write courageous statements on an index card and in practice when you say them twice a day – in the morning and before awakening before you wake up. One example is: "Every day I am stronger in my conviction and I can speak my truth regardless of the outcome."

3rd Keep yourself in the brave women who followed the same path and came out the other side (tip: menopausal women can be great role models).

4th Get up and talk about your truth, even if you're afraid of $% @ and you. Start with people who are not completely intimidated and work up there.

5th Finally, give yourself a pat on the back when you follow your courage and tell yourself that the right way; that this is only the beginning of the bigger things.

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