Some people do not like hearing the word karma. For these people the word is terrible, evil, indecent, vengeful, bad, satanic, and punishable. But true? Please read about my beloved brothers.

There are also millions of people with intimate, personal knowledge of karma that works. Let me be honest, I owe this group. This beautiful word for me is not a satanic, vicious or criminal. According to Google, karma comes from a Sanskrit word, which means action, work, or action. This is very, very correct.

The word is neutral, indifferent, and impersonal in action or work

What we are doing today is a golden rule that we are all about with tomorrow, all the religious and spiritual bodies Our thoughts, words, and deeds have moved into action. And in fact, today and tomorrow we will live alone what we have sunk in our present and present life.

Beloved brethren, most of the thorns that we spend every day, create or create for us. Painful truth, bitter pill swallowing. Hahahahahaa

Man is holy, man is the devil. Therefore, before looking at the main causes of our problems, we must first and foremost seek a soul to look inside. Yes, there are negative forces and vibrations. But no one can influence or harm you until you can afford it during actions and actions.

There are devils, devils, real or imaginary enemies, or generation curse. But watch them? Please educate me to more loved readers.

Our thoughts, words, and deeds bring us a great future or misfortune in the future in our next life.

If we have good health, wealth, success, and happiness today, we've got them through our daily actions and inactions. A super God will not pass over to us. We worked for it.

Personnel working in official positions use their position to help others in one way or another. This is the only edition God demands from us, in this world, to be a school.

Social, financial and other statistics, etc. Temporary. Karma is a quiet setting, good-hearted and compassionate intervener.

The killer is facing the consequences of his or her act in the present or in the future. Same for those who are involved in other criminal, violent and fraudulent activities.

Karma will practice the consequences of their actions at the right time. God Blesses Humanity

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