Have you ever heard about childish geniuses? These are children who enjoy exceptional understanding of certain topics; they appeared in history. There are many studies and theories about brilliant production.

Genius is a raw mental ability that obviously clouds the average or higher than the average. This is the good news, the bad news is that raw genius is like some other raw resources, good for use or evil use. The fire is good when it is warm in a frosty winter, but fire is a nightmare in an arsonist.

I would like to say that one of the reasons why a child is born is a preconceived idea. God highlights the need for more lives than the everyday existence of facts and figures, life and death. God can change any part of the equation at any time, or any place you choose. King Solomon understood this before he had a great genius. Thus, after Salamon's prayers, he awakened with this great gift with great wealth, peace and longevity. Now focusing on physics, he chose Philosophy and Behavioral Science because Solomon was challenging and helpful in the depth of the mind. Additionally, Solomon's determined intention was to understand all people to rule in his glory.

The scriptures describe that he is the brilliant genius. You can ask if God has truly blessed him, but in the Bible also give examples of Solomon's secrets, which he has solved with his new found genius.

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of God's order and order. The universe, which proves the atom in a single cell. You know that people are amazing and if the same person has power and wealth, the admiration exponentially increases.

The problem is, if this super-influential man does not respect God or his principles, then a new order is evolving precedent. But watch out for yourself whether any order is really close to God's order? Do not forget that God's ordinance extends to the whole existence where chaos holds.

Solomon made a mistake of relying on the genius, not on the command of God. Solomon knew the beautiful women very well and added them daily to their harem. Some of these women are engaged in demons. Solomon knew this, and God warned him about this, but Solomon thought he could remove the demonic attack with his brightness.

Not only did this demonic influence affect Salomon's genius, but also because Solomon was crazy at the same time. God created Solomon for the most intelligent person he has ever lived in, so that in the coming ages the "genius" is really wise.

The story is moral, however brilliant it may not be in accordance with the wisdom of God or the full mental mental attack of the supernatural being

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