He wrote a lot about the law of attraction. I think the "Secret" movie has a lot to do with this. When we are independent, we feel inspired. Inspired by inspiration and inspiration, you can actually change your life, and in many cases you can really create miracles. I can describe all the quotes around the chapters but lately …

Here is the law of the best attraction 10 The Collected Quotes:

1 – "The attitude of gratitude in everything you do."
2. "Energy Flow, where the attention goes. "
3 – "Do not give others a chance to create happiness".
4 – "Success is something you attract."
5 – "Wherever you are, be there."
6 – "Do not let it play without playing."
7 – Stand high in your own eyes.
8. "Do not care about smaller things".
9 – "Language tells a lot about you."
10 – "To be more, you have to become more."

The key point of attraction law is some of the major customers. The attitude of gratitude is that mutual energy in the workplace, you get what you give. Always be grateful for the smallest things. Give others easy and easier access to things. Donating and Receiving Energy Resources at Work. Just look at nature, sun and rain give rise to growth and prosperity. Lending and receiving is the mutual energy that I mentioned.

Your emotional intelligence is calm and grounded. Your empathy and sympathy are the heart and soul of emotional intelligence. If you do not feel empathy and compassion on others regularly, EI needs work, and the law of attraction is most effective with strong emotional intelligence.

Purity and focus, knowing what you want and being able to formulate the details. If you lose a new home, new career, lose weight, you want more money or new relationships. Paint the picture, fill in all the details. First, paint the picture with words and you really start to see what you want. Vision is clearly important. And do not forget, the focus is just about what you want, never what you do not want. Negatives have to be removed from this process. Everything in your image should be positive. Finding easy random thoughts for what you want, but it is best to create realistic images of these things. Then you can view your pictures and the focus will be very clear.

In short, the law of attraction works best if you use the most popular images.

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