"Somewhere above the rainbow, up." The immortal words Judy Garland sang is as much as you think. The world as we know exists simply because of dreams.

Early Settlers boarded the ships in the hope of finding the dream world. An area where you can live freely. They left everything they knew. They left their comfort and securities. It was long and hard to cook to achieve their goals. Their dreams. Those who dreamed of had a pioneering role in building a small country for today's World Master, the United States of America.

Two brothers dreamed of constructing and selling bicycles from the occupied aviation. They taught themselves in the science of physics. They've learned everything they can to make their dream come true. They spent countless hours with a lot of mistakes. They focused on the big picture. Their dreams. From their humble beginnings, we were able to reach not only the obsessed flight but also the universe.

Dreams have been at the forefront of every success story all the time. Without dreams, we would not have the desire to repair. Without dreaming, we would not have the desire to succeed.

Today's Rainbow, the Internet, has provided thousands of people with the tools to find their "golden pots," their dreams! Technology has provided us with a number of portals to be successful. In order for someone to reach their dreams!

Life is too short to survive simply exists. We all have the same opportunities to make the best possible life. Those who have dreams, are alive, as real and desirable, that are successful.

Think about your dreams. Write down them. Keep them at the forefront of their day-to-day activities. Eat, drink, sleep with your dream! Never give up your dreams! Dreams come true. How much do you want? Is it so bad to invest a little effort? A little time? Live your life! Do not just exist!

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