(An excellent example of preserving uncharacteristic character)

Honesty and integrity are essential for a leader to survive. Many business people do not realize how closely their subordinates are. Do you remember when you were in high school to sit there and watch your teachers all day long? By the end of school year, you can perfectly mimic the work of all teachers. He was aware in the slightest tones of the teacher's voice, all the tiny traces that distinguished the level of the report and told you the difference between the bluff and the "now in the business sense". nine month observation. Suppose it's been five or ten years. Do you think there was anything your teacher you did not know about?

Now fast forward and use this analogy as a manager. Do you think anything that your people can not find at this moment? If you have not been completely over and honest with them, do you really think you've run away? Not very likely. But if you believe that you've run away, it is likely that people are afraid of you, and that is a problem.

But there is another side of this coin. In every organization people want to believe in their leaders. If you give a reason to trust in you, they do not want to think for other reasons and will be as sensitive to their positive qualities as negative ones.

A situation that happened a few years ago at a Central-West company, this is perfectly illustrated. A new employee's wife suffered complications in handing over the baby. He had a medical bill of more than $ 10,000, and the health insurer did not want to cover it. The employee was not in the long run of the wage, pregnancy was already in existence, etc., Stb.

In any case, the worker was desperate. He offered the company's CEO and asked him to talk to insurance people. The chief executive agreed, and the next thing the worker knew was the bill disappeared and the charges disappeared. Then he told his colleagues how easily the Chief Executive had used his influence with the insurance company, just shaking their heads and smiled. The Chief Executive paid the bill from his pocket and knew everybody, no matter how silent.

Even now, the unfair act can not be hidden and immediately undermined by the leader. But the act of integrity and kindness, like the example above, is just as obvious to all concerned. If you are in a leadership position, you have to choose how you will see it, but you will see one or the other method, do not miss it.

One of the most difficult areas for driving is the family. Family leadership demands even greater levels of honesty and integrity, and stakes are even higher. You can swap dissatisfied employees and start over again. You can even get a new job if this happens. But your family can not be confused like a card deck. If you have not noticed, kids are great moral philosophers, especially when they get into adolescence. He is determined to find and reveal all sorts of hypocrisy, phoning or lack of integrity on the part of official data, and if we are parents, that means for us. It is frightening how ruthless kids can be about it, but this is not really a stand-alone decision; this is just a necessary phase for adults.

They test everything, especially their parents.

A person of integrity will teach you integrity easily to your children, it is easy to accept you as a teacher. This is a great opportunity and at the same time the main responsibility, as the children simply need to be taught the truth: what they mean and what they say.

"On the other side of the equation, we all know the people who are the most effective teaching and driving tool in the world." Criticisms and mistakes, even if deserved, are controversial unless all other approaches failed. who come from unfair or unethical behavior. If you are a kid you will naively think that it will never happen, but when you are older, you realize that this is the way it is. Then you think you really grew up. But this is not the real end. When you become older you will see the long-term consequences of unfair profit and you will find that you ultimately will not pay.

"The beginning of the loss is the hope of unfair profit". I do not think this old saying refers to the loss of money. I think it's actually a loss of self-esteem. He may have all his financial affairs in the world, but if he has lost respect, what is he really like? The only way to ever get to success is to enjoy being honestly proud of what you've done.

This is not just a sermon, but a very practical one. Not only that you are happy to behave – you can take it to the bank.

To Your Success,

Jim Rohn

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