You may be able to keep track of your behavior, but you might be surprised at one day when you see that your behavior is too strange. If you have not gone through psychotherapy by removing the roots of ignorance from your brain then you will live alive through your primitive wildlife.

A very simple solution to the problem: understanding the scientific dream. Today, your dreams can be translated immediately according to the scientific method, which accurately elicits dream messages. You just need to learn the meanings of basic dream symbols and understand how your psyche changes while you follow the guidance of a natural physician, the wise, unconscious mind, in order to get free treatment in your own dreams.

You need it, or else you can never really control your behavior and always make sure you know what you're doing.

People who have never cared for their psychic world are exposed to many dangers without being able to imagine how sensitive their mental stability is.

Depending on their stimuli, the environment may be completely different from what they usually do and should be encouraged to continue to behave when they are in contact with the same stimulus.

This means that behavior is dependent on external factors and that they are not able to control their reactions and decide what to do if they are in abnormal or unusual circumstances.

If you have not yet abandoned the conscience of the wild, you may lose control of your behavior and make childish things, too violent or very vulgar, without being able to choose words or direct your movements.

In order to be able to control your mind and body, you must transform your wild personality into a person before turning it into cruel monster or immoral hypocrite.

You never know when the primitive page finds a way to intervene in your conscious mind and dominate your psychic sphere, dictate what to do and what to say.

In normal and frequent situations of everyday life, you will be able to control yourself and feel balanced and strong.

However, when things do not happen and face unexpected challenges, who knows how to behave?

Your mind will be able to control your behavior and wisely choose the words you only say when it is clean and fully developed, instead of being underdeveloped and unilateral as now that many of the abilities remain atrophied and not they are used to you, on the primitive side of conscience.

The power of mind and behavioral control are a function of mental health and wisdom, so the importance of your dreams must be started immediately.

Through dream translation, he is well prepared to face every challenge of life without fear, without losing his patience and forgetting his moral companions.

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