One of the frequently asked questions when I focus on accelerated learning, even accelerated learning is actually theoretical mapping. The answer is not. Mind mapping is a tool that is used between other tools and strategies in the accelerated learning system.

This powerful tool can help you grow your business and personal transformation by facilitating the gathering and sharing of information, as well as providing effective project management, evaluation, and asset inventory.

The application is numerous. I used the book containing the book to map my book's content. I use mental maps for my goals, network management, and any project I work with. In the past, when I was working as a nurse, I used to train and evaluate.

So why such a powerful tool can be considered as mind mapping. To understand why it is important to understand the concept behind spider charts. If you want to see the brain, you will see a hexagonal seed whose root comes from branches that exit from it and engage with other brain cells. The brain cells communicate with each other through these neural paths, which look like branches.

So if his theoretical mapping reflects the map of the brain and communicates his thinking processes. Yet there is another important function and purpose for theoretical mapping, and that is when you are involved in this process, teaching the right side of the brain to speak and communicate on the left side of the brain.

When you apply this technique, you are clamping in the gap that many have, and this is an imbalance between the right and the left brain thinking. Many of the brain dominate in process information.

The left brain is very related to the logical and rational processes associated with thinking. Adequate brains of creative and imaginary thinking processes that involve processes such as visualization, intuition, and rhythm as music.

Logic in itself means giving left and right sides to the brain with different but equally important contributions to the process of thinking, yet most do not use our whole brain.

Mapping the mind is one of the ways to promote balance restoration, as it stimulates lateral thinking where the right and left brain have to communicate more with each other. I find that when people try to meditate on the map, it feels a bit like fingers and thumbs first. simply because they create new patterns for mapping thoughts while learning the learned habits.

If you write text in the traditional taught form, from left to right, this is a very linear form of thinking on the paper, which is not the thought of the brain. Research shows that we only remember 20% of text.

Following a bit of practice with mind maps people are beginning to enjoy the process and see the value. You can map it on paper or use mind-mapping software. Using the initial paper helps to improve your skill.

However, the use of software makes much more than manual use of paper. For example, the Mind Crawl software allows you to attach documents on a single map so that they can be referenced in one place rather than opening different files. In addition, it allows you to see web conferencing and various posts and updates for a particular project, replacing the need to move to meeting places for the same purpose.

Appropriate theoretical mapping for business growth and personal time saves you time and increases productivity, creativity, and learning performance.

This is an essential tool I should not be free to encourage you to add to the core asset collection or use more if you already have the software. If you're wondering where to start, I've added a video to my blog site.

In the video, you'll also notice a great resource site that you can visit to get to know the mind maps for free. Brian Mayne has been teaching the knowledge theory mapping for goals and other topics for years. He is a secular authority on the subject, so he can only be under his protection and I will contact him on my link.

So have fun with the new skill and discover how this can contribute to your personal and business growth.

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