The question of money as a workplace motivator is not new. The years of research and the many books and articles about motivation contain references to money. However, much of the focus on money and motivation leads to the superficial needs of people or the instant satisfaction that money seems to bring. The quest for motivation should be looked into more deeply when we really need to understand the so-called relationship between money and motivation.

There are many perspectives on money and motivation. Some of these are:

1. "I do not want as much money as I want (the" starving artist "concept), but I really love my work, flexibility, control, or creativity." [19659002] 2. "I have to be in this pay-field that this is a lot of money because it's supposed to be" someone "and" nobody's "friends, acquaintances, family, etc. are worth some kind of badge."

3 . "Not money in itself, but money" receives "me … that is, wealth, materialism, materialism, etc., repeatedly points to some" being "and acknowledged on the basis of their material material."

4. "I need a lot more money, because it will never be enough and I would see that" your costs always rise to match your income "syndrome … as I said to a lawyer as a client:" If you feel millions of dollars a year, why do you think that you live 3 million people? "5. Do not knowingly fill the psycho-emotional" hole "of the shortage and the deficit … which involves one or more of the above … and the money that needs more money and what money" gets " the feeling (though fast) to be complete and complete is the illusion of money, self, feeling or value.

At the end of the day, I understand the inner concept of motivation, this motivation is driven by values, so it is important to value the values , and where does its value come from … the true, true, self-centered, or ego-driven control, recognition and security needs … misleading values, whose unending endeavor will almost always lead to life (surely not life) which lies in self-denial thinking and behavior reflecting frustration, anger, anger, hatred, anger, right, misguided elections, and never you are not satisfied

When someone comes from their core values, life is important for life and life, lifestyle or self-motivation, the inner feelings of a person's well-being are at the heart of work life at home and in play … and creativity, self-care, self-perception, healthy behavior (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, financial). Money in this sense has different emotional and psychological energies with softer energy, not in contrast to the energy that is reflected in the one who says, "I like my work and I do not believe I will pay for it." [19659002] Many people, the ruthless pursuit of "money", actually lose sight of what was the fruit of the fruit juices … since the corner store closes the initial love of the work, the acquisition of the title disrupts its initial love of mentoring and support others … that the increasingly relentless pressure to make more money and gain more than the joy that you have ever experienced when you wanted to work. You lose a route along the way. The crisis of middle loss … which starts at the age of 30.

Money as a leader blurs the light of the choice of individuals and often selects the money badly and self-selected. I always mean in my work with my clients … those who made self-made decisions in their work, in social life and in spiritual life, because the lens they saw their world and their place became "green".

Many of those who believe that "money" is a sign of success or that money is needed to be "someone" long-term success is often unattainable; This is a "syphite approach to life"

For many people, when they have experienced enough anger, anxiety, dissatisfaction, fear and loneliness that reflect their money demand, more money and more money, they have a real motivation to change and adapt to a life and lifestyle which are real values ​​based on truth that come from true and true self, where money is important but not an obsession (conscious or unconscious).

Motivation from this place is very different. Motivation from this place is not limited by internalized pressure to have multiple rigid internal structures or beliefs, paralyzing self-criticism that there is no (fill in empty) lack of enough money, that is, it does not fund its true value and value, but is that the intent of life and work outcomes is basically driven by inner inner values.

From this place, one gets into the world of work from the point of view of a man whose choices, actions, motivations and intentions are driven by a freedom previously restricted and narrowed to the "value" of money.

Finally, I crossed the people who feel that money allows them to be self-reliant. Me, on the contrary. This money forced many of these people to live in an emotional and psychological prison whose bars are self-destructive, self-confident and controlling beliefs and behaviors that make these people feel like they are and are in a way lifestyle (again, not life ) that imitates the lifestyle of people living in prisons on both sides … the illusion of autonomy and not the actions of a person living in the place of the True and True Self

From this Inner Self I am "I know", "I", " I have "," I choose "," I love "," I have "and" I enjoy, "flowing with the feeling of motivation and intent, purpose, ease, grace, emptiness and fondness, which is not" price tag ".

(c) 2005, Peter G. Vajda, Ph.D. All rights reserved in all media.

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