If you are looking for motivational quotations for athletes, then you read the relevant article. From all over the world, athletes are those who understand better the concept of motivation than anyone else. After all, they wake up every morning, trying to beat their own records.

Sometimes, however, the coach's so-called motivational speech loses its effectiveness. It's a good thing that there are motivational quotes for athletes who need encouragement.

Even if you just started or named yourself, these motivational quotations inspire athletes. These words of wisdom help to improve not only your skill but your entire personality as well.

"It's not the size of the dog, it's the size of the dog." – Magic Johnson, NBA star

is a time in every athlete's life when coming to an opponent who is surprised by him. If you are smaller in the arena than in the normal builds of athletes, remember how much you measure – or how high you are – not always proportionate to the skill level. If you are a big man, use your size to your advantage. However, you still need to be aware of the little boy who can only circle around you.

"The defeated is often a temporary state." Marilyn vos Savant, the Columnist

One of the most important motivational quotes of athletes, a rival school that does not do all you need to learn about your mistakes, you need to go further and train for the next event, even with the old timers also return to follow their dreams. 19659005] "It is as few as possible to sacrifice a present." – Steve Prefontaine, Runner

Do not be so humble about your talent, though no one likes the arrogant athlete, you can never come to yourself unless you know your skill, so if you have a very quick leg, give them the workout what you deserve, do not relax, do not miss the practice. and take advantage of your natural abilities.

[19595004] "The harder you are, the luckier." – Gary Player, Golfer

This is one of the most ignored motivational quotes for athletes. There is fortune – even stupid luck – in this world. But what you really want is a good fortune. You can bring real luck to yourself. As an athlete, you have the opportunity to increase your fortune by preparing yourself for your opportunities. You increase your chances of winning for your benefit. "You can not do a great game unless you're doing it for the first time." [Chuck Noll] [1959]

An athlete may be a little bit boring. But if you really seriously think about improving your skills, you still have to take practice seriously. How else do you know your strengths and weaknesses? You can not always count on the best spontaneous performance in the game.

No matter whether you are playing or playing with a team, motivational quotes will continue to help athletes.

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