We all love the motivational sayings. Over the years, famous authors, poets, religious personalities, military leaders, and business associates have spoken words that refer to what is needed for success. We love them. We are being consumed. Let's quote them. And they have great value.

Still, can you name a motivational phrase that has changed your life alone?

Be honest … are you really good? Is the inspiration last? Usually not. Is there a way to ensure that they benefit from them? I'll give you a tip … a simple strategy that works for me and I know it will work for you. [19659002] Story: "How to Win Your Friends and Influence People" [19659002] A few years later, I held a course based on Dale Carnegie's work, writing a great and lasting book about How to Win Friends and Influence People. The purpose of the course was to inspire us the greater achievement, primarily through a self-confident public speech.

With inspiration and motivation, the book played a central role in the curriculum. You can say that the Bible was present to everyone. All this is in life and business. In each class, besides our speech, we had to recall something from the book, and we must tell the other students how these teachings had brought us in our lives.

A lesson in motivation

of the classroom students were amazed at the lack of faith and passion. It was obvious to me that no one wanted to prepare a quantum leap. And the course was full of motivational sayings! – What are you doing here? I thought about myself.

I was thinking about my business and my clients. As a home builder who worked with all kinds of people over the years, I learned a great thing … you can not do something you do not want.

Customers came to me with a goal in mind; to build or transform at home. I quickly learned that if they did not keep this passion, they would not do good customers because their failure was very small.

But did not the students sign up for this class? You must have succeeded. Maybe, but what did we do? Most of them had a loose purpose: "Okay, this course will help me fix a bit". This does not cut you if you really change the thing. If the course approaches the conclusion, I find out what's missing and inspired to share the lesson. I learned from my business and from clients. I wanted you to know that success did not come from inspiration and motivation.

I was the last speaker on the last night of the course. I developed the message, but could I draw your attention? "And now, ladies and gentlemen, we hear from Mel Inglima. I was ready …

Standing in front of the audience, holding the "Bible" (How to win my friends and influential people) high above my head so that everyone can see it ceremoniously but irreverently Never heard of a drip. The audience disbelieved, incredulously, hearing that the book was the book by the BS and was simply full of motivational quotes, inspirational stories, and sayings that triggered us for a moment, but they would not change our lives, though they might have seen the teacher astonishing eyes on the back of the room. 19659002] But I explained that all these words and thoughts came from someone else's will, from someone else's mission, from someone else's passion, the most important was ownership

. from my customer experience, the results can only be achieved if the goal is clear that the first step is the first step. Like the saying that "God helps those who help themselves" found that inspiration and motivation only work when it comes from a deep will. The Guarantee of Success

But there is a trick.

To ensure that the sayings you love, you can bring your success to what you are looking for, you must re-execute them. Put them. My own goal and expression. Reformulate the sentence with your own words and include your very specific goal. Keep in mind that this is not someone's dream of what it is after, and that's not someone's other feeling that will lead.

When you fully accept and understand this, you will know why motivational expressions do not stand alone. And you will know exactly what to do against the tide.

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