Winston Churchill's child was agonized. His father, who wanted his son to be an attorney, thought that Churchill had been delayed because he was ill at school, mostly nearing the end of his class. Churchill did not succeed in the sixth grade, he received three full members to reach the next class of mathematics and both Oxford and Cambridge rejected. Churchill's father advised her to pursue her career in the army. After his father's advice, he asked to join the Royal Military College of Sandhurst, a British West Point similar to the United Kingdom, but failed to deny the entrance examination twice! After intensive teaching and many clashes, Churchill turned to third.

After graduation, Churchill entered the British Army, which seemed to meet him. In 1911 he became the First Lord of Admiralty, it is rather wonderful, is he? In the next four years, he filled this position. In 1915, during World War I, Churchill helped to create an unsuccessful battle called Gallipoli as a catastrophe. Though some argued that the defect lies with the tactical commanders, Churchill took responsibility and responsibility and therefore fell back. Not long after, the publisher of The News of the World commented, "I'm finished, it's over."

This comment was far from the truth. Churchill held various positions in the 1920s and showed real value as commander. When World War II broke out, Churchill re-elected the First Lord of Admiralty and became a member of the War Cabinet. At the beginning of the war, Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister resigned. Winston was the overwhelming choice in Neville's place. He accepted his position and helped lead England to victory. Despite Churchill's success in 1945, he suffered a major defeat at the Prime Minister's request. Many historians think that because of their success as a war leader, people think that they could not do anything during peacetime.

Nevertheless, six years later, Winston became once again prime minister in a position he had held until he resigned in 1955. When he did not serve in government, Winston spent time writing books on English and world history for which he won the 1953 Nobel Prize in Literature. 19659002] The failure and rejection of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Winston Churchill is widely regarded as one of the most successful warriors in history (War World II).

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