We can all use a little motivation over and over, even if we think we're really motivated. There are some times when everything seems to be going against you – when you get up, things will only be better, but if you're down, you do not seem to be able to stop the brown and smelly stuff getting over you. For example, do you notice that when there is a shortage of funds, are the bills constantly coming in and the car is constantly degrading? Such times as these, we need motivational thoughts that inspire us.

The internet is a great place to find inspirational quotes or uplifting stories, literally thousands of online hits. If you need some motivation, look at some of them and write them down – do not drag the net for hours on the same thing because it will be boring and motivating. Personally, I like those humorous motivational thoughts I remember as I remember, and I will smile when I sleep.

If you are looking for ideas that motivate others, perhaps a family member, you think they love and keep it secret in their dormitory or coat pocket the next day. Surprisingly, how effective it is – everyone is happy and has a good phone call in return. You can also write your favorite thoughts on post-it notes and fold them into the car, bedside table etc.

An even better way to motivate thoughts is to read a book about a subject – I'm not talking about a self-help book here, but about the history of some real life about the people who only stayed motivated by obstacles. By reading such a book, this will have an impact on your thinking, rather than on the less-related random thoughts. They are as good as we have discussed, but become a little more effort, empathic with the author, and inspiration remains with you. There is a wonderful story in the classic book Think and Grow Rich, the son of the author who is struggling with great difficulties as a boy and then creates his own success. Really amazing book – if you have not read it, get a free copy and download audio file. Do not worry – there are no strings or credit cards.

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